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Cove Eco Resort Raja Ampat Resort Piece with Stunning Beauty You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

“Welcome home”, is how they greet you when you arrive at this Cove Eco Resort Raja Ampat resort piece. How can you not feel pleased with such kind and friendly greeting? The amazing beauty of mother nature, combined with exciting adventures and relaxing resort is the ultimate definition of vacation. You can get all of those if you visit Raja Ampat and staying at the Cove Eco Resort Raja Ampat.

This place is perfect for diver and non-diver since it is close to the beautiful dive site around Raja Ampat. With a family-like atmosphere, you will never want to go home and leaving this Cove Eco Resort Raja Ampat Resort Piece. It is nestled on the shores of Yeben Island with the panoramic view of the blue pristine ocean. Now let’s explore what you will get staying at this resort.

What is Eco Resort?

Eco resort is a resort that establishes the value of sustainable tourism. These kinds of resorts strive to make sure their presence doesn’t harm the environment. Instead, they try to help to maintain its sustainability. With this value, you will see that the resort is eco-friendly and sometimes even actively involved in the conservation effort.

In this case, Cove Eco Resort works together with the locals to enforce the “No Fishing Zone”. The purpose is to keep the biodiversity intact. Such concepts are also performed by some other eco resort such as Misool Eco Resort, Kri Eco Resort, and others. With the awareness towards the environment, you will be feeling better about your vacation. It is because of you fully aware that you are also involved in the conservation of Raja Ampat waters.

Unique Location of Cove Eco Resort Raja Ampat Resort Piece

As previously mentioned, Cove Eco Resort is located on Yeben Island. Unlike some other resorts in Raja Ampat, this resort will remain open all year round due to its location that is sheltered from the South and West Pacific Winds. With a temperature of around 32 and 34 degree Celcius, this resort is the perfect place to enjoy Raja Ampat weather to the fullest.

Yeben Island is one of the most preserved areas due to its remote location. It is even surrounded by 5km of a non-fishing zone which allows the underwater marine lives remain intact. This means you can dive or snorkel here and enjoy the high density of underwater biodiversity. Even better, this resort has a ‘secret’ manta spot which also remains intact.

People know Yeben Island for its clear and pristine water, along with its beautiful beaches. No wonder that this stunning place earned a nickname, “Mirror Ocean”. With its amazing location and the stunning beauty offered, it seems like you will missing out a lot if you don’t choose this resort during your visit.

The Services

The Cove Eco Resort Raja Ampat Piece Resort offers you a villa with a touch of home. Its resorts are facing the clear glass-like beach that will make you feel relax staying in this place. Each villa has included a private toilet and a shower with hot and cold water, ceiling fan, mosquito net, working desk, deposit box, and area under the porch to enjoy the ocean scenery.

This resort has 24 hours electricity available, so you don’t need to worry about how to recharge your electronic device. The housekeeping team is also available to help you have your villa tidy and clean. If you want your clothes clean and fresh, just tell them and they have it ready for you the following day.

During the meal time, this resort will serve a blend of Western and Indonesian cuisine. Cove Eco Resort regularly change the menu so that you won’t get bored with the menu selection. There is also a bar & lounge for you that just want to relax and sitting around in this resort while enjoying the atmosphere. You can also get a barbecue that organized regularly. If you want a romantic moment with your beloved, this resort also offers a private romantic dinner on the beach.

When you want to jump into the ocean to dive, this resort also provides high-quality diving equipment that you can rent in their dive center. They maintain their equipment well with their high-quality staff. So you don’t need to worry about poor diving equipment. The diving equipment available is BCD, Wet Suit 3 mm, regulator, dive computer, compressor, mask, snorkel, fins, underwater camera, and action camera. So, what else are you looking for?

The Activities

There are many activities available when you’re staying with this, from diving, snorkeling, kayaking, excursion, playing around the beach and bird watching. Don’t worry if you think you are not skilled enough in diving. Cove Eco Resort will bring you to the most suitable spot that is defined by the dive master team the day before. A guide is also available to help you get around the best dive site.

There are a lot of famous diving spots located in near this resort such as The Passage, Pianemo Lagoon, Yeben Shallow, Yembraimuk, Manta Sandy, and Melissa’s Garden. The unique location of Cove Eco Resort Raja Ampat Resort Piece means people need extra effort to reach it. This extra effort means a more preserved nature.

If you want to try snorkeling, Yeben Reef is the answer. It has a wide array of fishes and corals. If you’re a beginner snorkeler, a guide will accompany you through your adventure. Not only you will feel safe, the guide will also explain about the fishes species to you.

Or if you want to see the pristine glass-like sea water from above, try kayaking. The kayaks provided by the Cove Eco Resort have a glass bottom so you can enjoy the view of underwater lives even more without having to jump into it.

If you don’t know what to do or where to go on your trip, you can just join an excursion provided by the resort. There are many excursion packages available, you can choose whichever you want. The excursion will cover visiting the surrounding islands, hiking, swimming, picnic, diving, snorkeling, and many others.

Other Eco Resorts Worth to Visit

Staying at Eco Resort is the best way to experience Raja Ampat. Not only you will get excellent services and amazing view, there are also tour packages available to make you easily explore the wonderful paradise of Raja Ampat. Aside from Cove Eco Resort Raja Ampat Resort Piece, there are Papua Paradise Eco Resort, Kri Eco Resort, Sorido Bay Resort, Papua Explorers Resort, and Misool Eco Resort. Find information about these resorts and choose one that really suits your needs and wishes. Enjoy Raja Ampat!

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