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Dive Raja Ampat Budget, Experience Underwater Beauty with Cheaper Cost

Raja Ampat has long become a dream destination for divers. It is an archipelago in West Papua, Indonesia that promised stunning tropical islands and all kinds of adventure. With the paradise-like scenery, they offered in remote islands, no wonder that spending your holiday here may cost you a lot of money. That is why you might want to consider a Dive Raja Ampat Budget to avoid a hefty price but still want to have a good time here.

Raja Ampat is a remote archipelago which means there is not much access to get there. Usually, the more remote the place is, it will be more expensive to visit. If you can go to other places in Indonesia by simply backpacking and just go, it might not be applicable if your destination is Raja Ampat. You need thorough thoughts and planning if you wish to visit this place. It is not easy to explore this amazing place, but it doesn’t mean it is impossible.

Going to that archipelago is perfectly doable albeit the long hours of journey. However, exploring the Raja Ampat and visiting some diving sites is another story. There is no public water transportation from one island to another. Therefore, island hopping or visiting a couple of dive sites during your vacation might be a little bit difficult and can cost you a large sum of money. Here is where the diving resort can be the solution for you to have the dive Raja Ampat budget.

Going to Raja Ampat

There is no direct flight to Raja Ampat. The only way to get there is you have to fly to Sorong first. You can fly to Sorong from four cities in Indonesia; they are Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, and Manado. Upon your arrival in Sorong, then you should continue your journey by public express ferry to Waisai Regency in Raja Ampat.

There are actually 2 routes available to get to Waisai from Sorong harbor, by air, and by sea. However, flight to Waisai is only available twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday. Meanwhile, there are two means of transportation available by sea route. You can use the ferry or speedboat. The ferry departs twice a day every week at 9 am and 2 pm. However, the schedule can suddenly be delayed or canceled due to one thing or another.

Another way is by speedboat. You can use this alternative if you’re really in a hurry and want to arrive in Waisai as soon as possible. However, this option is more expensive that ferry. It can also be more uncomfortable and might not be a good option for you who have problems with seasickness.

Choosing an Island to Stay

Raja Ampat accommodation is the perfect start for you to plan your Raja Ampat exploration. The first thing you have to consider is looking for the island where you’re going to stay. As an archipelago consists of 4 large islands and 1000 of islets, you have to choose one island closest to the preferred activities so that you can spend less money to hop from one destination to another. You don’t want to spend too much on transportation alone, do you?

If you’re looking for fantastic dive and snorkel sites, choose one located near the Dampier Strait such as Waisai that located on the Waigeo Island. Not only great for diving, Waigeo Island is also perfect for trekking and wildlife viewing. If you want to check out the Papuan village, go to Arborek Island. It is a small island close to manta ray dive and snorkel sites. If you’re looking for the best offshore diving site with sparkling white sand beaches, Kri Island is the perfect place.

Raja Ampat Dive Resort

Kri Eco Resort
It is located in Kri Island and close to the forest and the sea. Staying here, you can directly dive at Cape Kri, one of the famous Raja Ampat diving sites located close to this resort.

Waiwo Dive Resort
This resort is located in the Waisai, Waigeo Island. The resort is overlooking the Pacific Ocean and only 4 km from the Waisai ferry terminal. That means you don’t have to transport to another island once you arrive here from Sorong harbor.

Misool Eco Resort
This resort offers a rustic and luxurious theme. You can choose the cottages built over a lagoon, or the villages overlooking the powdery-white beaches.

Raja Ampat Dive Lodge
This resort is located strategically in Mansuar Island which has a stunning beach and dense forest. It is close to some dive sites such as Manta Point and Cape Kri.

Those resorts might come with a more expensive price. If you want something less expensive, a homestay can be an option. Different from resorts, homestays are generally very basic. They usually only have the main necessities such as a mattress in a cabin, a porch with a hammock, and a little of something else. However, it is sometimes poorly maintained.

Some homestays usually also offer diving package cheaper than what the resort offered. However, you might need to be extra cautious when you choose to use their diving package. Make sure that their equipment is in good condition and that their guides are properly certified. That is because some diving sites have a strong current and you will want to make sure that you are in a good hand.

Another way to get a dive Raja Ampat budget more affordable is by traveling in a group. Boat transfers are quite expensive if you want to go island hopping or visit other interesting areas. However, this can be solved if you are traveling in a group. Even if you go to Raja Ampat alone, you can ask other guests and plan your visit together if that is possible. This way, you can split the cost incurred for transportation around the Raja Ampat archipelago.

It is generally known that spend your vacation in Raja Ampat can be very expensive. It might be even pricier if you want to explore the underwater landscape by diving and snorkeling. No wonder since the diving package can be really pricey. But with a proper plan, you can get a dive Raja Ampat budget.

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