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Cheap Flights from Jakarta to Raja Ampat, Grab Your Ticket Now!

Although it is located at the easternmost of Indonesia and very far from the capital city, there is always a reason to go to the West Papua Island. One of the things that makes this area interesting is the Raja Ampat Islands which are indeed full of beauty. However, since it is an archipelago consists of islets, how can we get there? People might think that it is difficult to travel to Raja Ampat. While indeed requires a long travel duration, there are many ways to go there. If you are planning to visit this hidden paradise soon, you will need to read this note about flights from Jakarta to Raja Ampat.

Flights from Jakarta to Raja Ampat

Basically, there are several ways to go to Raja Ampat, especially if you leave from Jakarta. Travel by ship is certainly not the right choice because it will take a very long time, and of course with a high cost. Therefore, the best way is to fly by plane. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from Jakarta to Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat actually has its own airport, named Marinda airport. It was inaugurated on May 9, 2012. Unfortunately, there are limited airlines and destinations that use this airport due to the narrow airstrip. Moreover, it is still underdeveloped due to land acquisition problems. For the time being, only ATR 72 aircraft that can land in Marinda airport. The airlines fly here includes NAM AIR, Susi Air, and Wings Air.

Since Marinda airport is unable to be used optimally, the best destination to go to Raja Ampat is through Sorong, West Papua. Sorong Indonesia has a fairly busy airport called Domine Eduard Osok. This airport is currently the main gateway for tourists to visit Raja Ampat.

Flights to Sorong

There are at least three fleets operating back and forth Jakarta-Sorong, namely Garuda Indonesia, Sriwijaya Air, and Batik Air. Flight schedules vary from morning to midnight. The fastest flights from Jakarta to Sorong take four hours without transit. But if the plane you are traveling with has to transit in several locations, the flight you take can be up to 24 hours. Distance and travel time depends on the airline and its transit destination.

The ticket prices certainly also depend on the airline you choose. Sriwijaya Air clearly provides the cheapest prices from the three airlines. The cheapest price offered by the airline is approximately IDR 1.3 million without transit. Even so, Sriwijaya also offers flights at fantastic prices if it has to transits in multiple airports. But the facilities offered by the airline are also not bad. The meal provided is good enough for you that have to sit for hours on the plane.

But if you want to feel a nicer flight, Batik Air is the solution. Throughout the trip, you can spend the time watching movies provided through an LCD attached on the back of each chair. Don’t forget to bring your earphones since the sounds can only be heard through that device. The seat is even more spacious than Sriwijaya Air, but of course with an average price that is more expensive too.

The next airline is Garuda Indonesia. It is arguably the best of all flights from Jakarta to Raja Ampat! This airline provides more space than others. You will certainly receive nice meals too. With nicer facilities, the price offered is also much more expensive. The lowest flight costs around IDR 2 million without transit if you make a ticket purchase long before the departure date. If the plane you are traveling with has to transit, it can costs more than IDR 4 million one flight. Prices can be even more expensive if you choose a business flight or first class.

Bali to Sorong Flights

Surely Jakarta is not the only starting point for anyone who wants to go to Raja Ampat. Another alternative is through Bali. From Ngurah Rai airport in Denpasar, there are several airlines that serve flights to Sorong. In addition to the three airlines mentioned above, Garuda, Batik, and Sriwijaya, you can also use NAM Air. However, the trip from Bali to Sorong takes longer than from Jakarta. The fastest flight from Bali to Papua can take 7 hours.

The plane that departs from Bali to Raja Ampat must always transit first. Sriwijaya Air, for example, will have to go to Makassar first before passengers continue their journey to Sorong. The same thing with Garuda Indonesia airline that stopped by at Makassar for a while. NAM Air will transit to Juanda, Surabaya, while Batik Air will first go to Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta before continuing to Sorong.

In terms of the price offered from the cheapest to the most expensive is Sriwijaya Air, NAM Air, Batik Air, then Garuda. Sriwijaya offers the cheapest price of around IDR 1.1 million but with a very limited number of departures every day. NAM Air offers tickets for around IDR 1.5 million with more departures than Sriwijaya. Meanwhile, Batik Air offers quite expensive prices starting from IDR 2.6 million to IDR 3.6 million from Bali. Garuda tickets cost between IDR 4 million and IDR 5 million. All prices set by the airline are costs when you book them in advance. Prices may change according to airline policy.

Where to Stay in Raja Ampat

If you have made it to Raja Ampat, the next step is to determine the right place to stay. With online booking facilities, you can find any accommodation according to your budget and desire. If you want to feel the sensation of staying on a private island, then Misool Eco Resort is one of the perfect choices. But it can be really pricey, especially during the holiday season.

To avoid getting the wrong accommodation, you can first find the desired hotel through the online booking application. The price also varies, ranging from IDR 500 thousand per night to a very expensive one that can cost more than IDR 6 million per night, depending on the facilities and location. But you can also stay on a budget at various homestays provided by residents. The price offered is between IDR 400-500 thousand. But you might be able to get cheaper prices through by bargaining the owner.

It turns out that the trip to Raja Ampat isn’t as difficult as many people think! Moreover, the Regional Government has made various improvements to make the region more accessible. Travel from Jakarta, Bali and any area in Indonesia will not be difficult anymore. So, have you decided your flights from Jakarta to Raja Ampat? Or do you plan to start traveling from another area? Anyway, order now to get a cheaper ticket!

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