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Raja Ampat Liveaboards Budget, Which One You Can Afford?

There are some choices to enjoy your holiday in this diving paradise, one of which is Raja Ampat Liveaboards Budget. This might be a new experience for you and you are considering trying it. We summarize some reasons why you have to explore Raja Ampat this way. You will be interested to find out.

  • Raja Ampat is a large area consists of islands and its tourism sites, both diving and other types of tourism, spread around the archipelago. Liveaboards make your journey practical since you don’t have to go back and forth to the land and onboard again. It is one way, you can explore the archipelago without having to worry about the night coming too fast or anything else.
  • For example, Pianemo and Wayag are located quite far, and so do other islands such as Waigeo and Misool. It will be too bad if you have come far here but you can’t explore most of them. Therefore, liveaboards are the perfect solution.
  • You can’t explore Raja Ampat if you’re not accompanied by a guide. If you stay in Raja Ampat Dive Resort, you will still have to be with a guide when you’re going to a dive spot or exploring around on a boat. For most people, this is impractical in terms of budgeting. Since you have to spend a lot of money on separate things. However, when you’re using liveaboards, everything has been summarized into one payment.
  • Enjoying sunrise and sunset in the middle of the sea with beautiful scenery is not something you can find every day. But with liveaboards, it can be realized. Raja Ampat Liveaboards budget becomes very rational when compared to the amazing experience you will get.
  • There are some Raja Ampat diving spot that can only be visited if you’re on liveaboards. This is because those sites are quite far from nearby islands or no tour and travel guide that cover those areas. However, liveaboards can cover them since they use a large and tough ship to sail in the vast ocean with various ocean conditions.

By using a liveaboard, you can stay aboard for a couple nights, unlike a day boat service. Hence, you will be able to reach a more distant dive sites that usually not reached by regular boat. You don’t have to worry about too many passengers and get disturbed due to too many guests since they usually charter between ten and thirty passengers only.

What do you think? Isn’t it interesting? Don’t hesitate, we also summarize Raja Ampat Liveaboards budget for your choice. Some of the cruises only cater a short duration, but there are also liveaboards that also sail for almost half a month. There are also a variety of ships and facilities. They are all in a good quality, adjusted to the budget provided.

1. Arenui Liveaboards

If you want to experience the traditional vessel, try Arenui Liveaboards. They have a stunning traditional wooden vessel called Phinisi. But don’t think that it is a totally old-style vessel since the ship was equipped with modern conveniences for you modern guests. They have spacious boutique cabins decorated with local handicraft and inspiration.

This liveaboard will pamper their guests with a luxury restaurant, outdoor sky restaurant, and top-deck sky lounges. The restaurant serves international and local delicious cuisine. If you want massages, sunbathing, or simply enjoying the island views, just go up to the top-deck sky lounges. A full team member will serve you during your journey of exploring Raja Ampat. They are 2 chefs, 3 dive guides, 2 western cruise directors, 22 members of Arenui onboard team. That many members of the team will provide a personalized service for 16 guests.

This liveaboard has several routes, one of which is exploring Raja Ampat. The trip will take 11 to 13 days. However, most of the 2018 schedules are full-booked already, so you have to be on the waiting list if you’re planning to join the liveaboard this year. No wonder that Arenui is in high-demand because, in this liveaboard, you will be taken to stop by at Raja Ampat diving spot up to dozens of times in one trip. It is perfect for you that want to collect the dive logs and make the most of their vacation time in Raja Ampat.

So, how much is the Raja Ampat Liveaboards budget with Arenui? It starts from 670 USD per person. With such amount, you will receive full board accommodation di double/twin deluxe cabin, shore activities according to the program, various drinks (soft drinks, water, tea, American/Balinese coffee), five meals per day, diving activities, dive cylinders, weights, and weight belts, transfer from/to embarkation/disembarkation airport, government taxes, and ½ hour of welcome massage.

Those cost will not include another expense for master cabin supplement, administration/port clearance fee, national parks entrance fee, fuel surcharge, air transportation, hotels and meals before and after the cruise, some types of drink (alcohol drinks, espresso, cappuccino, dive equipment rental other than mentioned above, nitrox refills, massage and spa other than the welcome massage, travel insurance, onboard purchases, private tours, laundry, on-board telecommunications, and crew gratuities.

It covers a pretty large area from Sorong to Misool on the south part of Raja Ampat. With a five-star-hotels-like facility and fantastic route, this liveaboards can be your choice.

2. Tiara Cruise

Tiara Cruise will take you to explore the world famous dive areas in Indonesia such as Komodo National Park, East Flores, Alor, the Forgotten Islands, Banda Sea and Raja Ampat. Not only serve charter to the best places for diving, they also serve you with luxury dive cruise and well-kept equipment. They offer air or Nitrox 32 for divers, but you have to be a certified diver to use it. All tanks are fitted with DIN or international valves. There is also a camera room for you underwater photographers.

You will get a private and intimate cruise with this liveaboard since they only cater 12 guests in 6 en-suite cabins for one cruise. Isn’t it comfortable? You will feel like staying in a private Raja Ampat Dive Resort. Each cabin is facilitated with a hair dryer, AC, fresh drinking water and added with mosquito repellant, toiletries, hat, towel, sun tan lotion, and a thermos.

They also serve delicious fresh international and local cuisine. If you have certain dietary requirements, you just need to give prior notice and your needs will be catered for. They have an outdoor area perfect for enjoying the sea breeze and amazing views, complete with comfortable loungers. It is no less comfortable to Raja Ampat Dive Resort available in this archipelago. It costs around 4595 Euros and 5106 Euros for 12 days and 11 nights cruise.

3. Mutiara Laut

Mutiara Laut provides an elegant vessel designed based on a combination of traditional British schooner and Indonesian phinisi. It is equipped with modern engines and generators with the latest safety equipment and instrumentation. This liveaboard cater for diving and leisure cruise to Indonesian archipelago deemed as the best diving sites in the world.

It caters to 14 guests in 7 cabins, so you will still be able to enjoy the feeling of privacy and intimate cruise. 6 Deluxe Cabins are facilitated with double beds, spacious storage, AC and en-suite bathrooms. The Master Cabin is located at the stern and facilitated with a double bed and open-plan shower with double vanities.

Tired from diving, you can relax at the cozy indoor salon and dining room. Or you might want to laze around on a sundeck with lounge chairs. This cruise cost 5351 Euros per person and perfect for you who enjoy luxuries.

Isn’t it interesting to explore Raja Ampat by liveaboards? Go ahead and determine your Raja Ampat budget and take your vacation immediately. Have a nice vacation!

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