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Raja Ampat Luxury Liveaboard, Experiencing Raja Ampat in a Unique Way

Raja Ampat is renowned for its amazing beauty and stunning collection of coral reefs along with its animal living in it. Its huge area with the pristine nature is the reasons people want to visit this wonderful piece of heaven on earth. Since it has a vast area, it will be difficult to explore a lot of islands and the top sites at once. However, Raja Ampat Luxury Liveaboard may be the perfect way to experience this archipelago. You only need to stay in the ship and let the ship bring you to explore the remote islands and deserted beaches.

Of course, going to Raja Ampat and stay in resorts or homestay is nice too. This kind of Raja Ampat accommodation usually prepares a dive package or excursion package as well. Therefore, you can still enjoy diving, island hopping, kayaking, bird watching, hiking, and many more. However, you will need to rent a boat to take you to these amazing locations. You still have to go back to the resort at the end of every activity which can be quite tiring after a long day. This can be ineffective sometimes and may cost a lot of money.

Meanwhile, Raja Ampat Luxury Liveaboard will bring you to the best spots in Raja Ampat. You only need to sit back and relax. In a luxurious liveaboard, you will receive the best services that make your journey more fun and adventurous. The only difficulty may be choosing which one you should book. Here are some recommendations you can consider:

1. Alila Purnama

Alila Purnama is one of the famous liveaboard services that serves cruise to Raja Ampat. Their team will be ready all the time to make you experience the most enjoyable cruise of your life. There is a cruise director that will make sure to bring you to the best place with stunning beauty and to the most famous dive spots in Raja Ampat.

Arriving at the dive spots you can jump into the ocean and start your underwater adventure. A dive guide will help you through the dive spots and make sure you get the best diving experience. But if you want to try other water activities, there are kayaks, fishing gears, water-skiing and tow-toys for the guests. Meanwhile, the chef will prepare a fresh and delicious meal all the time for you. The chef will also cater your diet request in case you have certain allergies, just inform the team beforehand!

If you want to relax after a long dive activity, there is a spa therapist that will make sure you’re refreshed. You can also enjoy the view around while sipping a beverage in the large bar and lounge area. If you want to simply laze around and read, this vessel also equipped with a library.

When the night comes and you want to rest, just go to your cabin designed luxuriously for the guests. The rooms are furnished with a queen-size bed, double wardrobes, a writing desk, and en-suite bathroom. However, don’t just spend your days inside your cabin only, go outside and enjoy the sun. There is an ample deck space for sunbathing and reclining on oversized daybeds.

2. Damai Liveaboard

Damai Liveaboard offers a personal service for small groups of guests. It has only 7 staterooms which you can choose whether you want single cabins, twins, doubles or master cabins. All of these rooms are furnished with comfortable queen or king size beds, en-suite toilets and showers. This mean, you can immediately take a nice shower or get a quality rest after long day diving, snorkeling or explore the islands in Raja Ampat.

This vessel includes three large deck areas where you can relax under the sun or shade, and also enjoying a massage and spa treatment. If you want to jump into the ocean and dive, this vessel also offers large dive stations. It is equipped with individual rinse tanks and camera room with separate camera workstations. With Dive Damai, you can dive wherever and whenever you wish. Even better, Damai Liveaboards will put the famous diving site into their itineraries as much as possible. Since they don’t set dive time limits, you can dive as long as you want.

Aside from the diving, this vessel will serve you with special cuisine to satisfy your appetite. You can have a menu choice and may also request certain food diet. The cooks will do their best to ensure your favorite foods are available. This Raja Ampat luxury liveaboard will give the best quality serving and make sure you enjoy the taste of luxury in your vacation.

3. Amira Liveaboard

Amira is one of the luxury liveaboards you can find sailing through Raja Ampat. This wooden Phinisi schooner was built in 2010. This vessel offer accommodation either in 8 Double and 2 Single cabins. All rooms have private bathrooms with hot showers, windows, AC, TV and media players. It is also facilitated with ceiling fan, toiletries, reading lights, clothing storage, safe, bedding, room for luggage, 2-pin plugs with adapters available.

This vessel provides diving and snorkeling itineraries to the best dive sites in Indonesia. If you don’t feel like snorkeling or diving, there are shore excursion session too. You might also want to explore the dense jungle and interact with local villagers.

Aside from the amazing adventure, you will also be provided with a delicious meal every day. Every morning, a freshly cooked breakfast and a cup of coffee or tea along with fresh juice is ready for you. Lunch is served in buffet style so you can enjoy anything you want. Amira Liveaboard will serve you with delicious Western-style food, BBQ, Indonesian cuisine, and homemade desserts.

4. Arenui Liveaboard

If you want to experience the traditional vessel, try Arenui Liveaboards. They have a stunning traditional wooden vessel called Phinisi. But don’t think that it is a totally old-style vessel since the ship was equipped with modern conveniences for you modern guests. They have spacious boutique cabins decorated with local handicraft and inspiration.

This liveaboard will pamper their guests with a luxury restaurant, outdoor sky restaurant, and top-deck sky lounges. The restaurant serves international and local delicious cuisine. If you want massages, sunbathing, or simply enjoying the island views, just go up to the top-deck sky lounges. A full team member will serve you during your journey of exploring Raja Ampat. They are 2 chefs, 3 dive guides, 2 western cruise directors, 22 members of Arenui onboard team. That many members of the team will provide a personalized service for 16 guests.

This liveaboard has several routes, one of which is exploring Raja Ampat. The trip will take 11 to 13 days. However, most of the 2018 schedules are full-booked already, so you have to be on the waiting list if you’re planning to join the liveaboard this year. No wonder that Arenui is in high-demand because, in this liveaboard, you will be taken to stop by at Raja Ampat diving spot up to dozens of times in one trip. It is perfect for you that want to collect the dive logs and make the most of their vacation time in Raja Ampat.

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