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Plan Your Raja Ampat Trip and Enjoy the Amazing Beauty of Hidden Paradise

You might have heard about Bali or Komodo Island every time people talk about Indonesia. Those two Islands are known for its exotic beauty, delicious food, and nice culture. But, how many of you heard about Raja Ampat? This archipelago located on the eastern part of Indonesia offers even more wonderful natural beauty for you. Prepare yourself, because after reading this, you will want to plan a Raja Ampat Trip immediately.

What Can You Find in Raja Ampat?

Raja Ampat often called as a hidden paradise. If you think this is exaggerating, think again. The pristine sea water, lush forest combined with the abundant flora and fauna living in this area is what makes Raja Ampat looks like something come out of a dream.

Raja Ampat is an Archipelago consisting of around 1500 islands and 4 larger islands located off the coast of West Papua. Many of the islands are uninhabited. However, even some of the inhabited islands are not really densely populated. That is why this place is the perfect getaway for you that want to relax for a while far from the bustling cities and busy routine.

Upon arriving in Raja Ampat, you will be greeted with the fresh air of tropical islands and the beautiful nature. The turquoise sea water, green lush forest, and the blue sky will make immediately lift your mood. If you look below to the sea, you might be able to see colorful corals and fishes swimming around. While in the forest, exotic birds will welcome you with their cheerful chirps.

Activities You Can Do

Raja Ampat Diving is one of the most popular activities here. Since this archipelago located in the Coral Triangle, no wonder that this place is perfect for snorkeling or diving. Around 500 corals, more than 1300 species of coral fish and 600 species of mollusks live here. This many species account for 75% of the total species in the entire world. The diversity is even greater than in other areas of the Coral Triangle.

Even if you can’t scuba diving, you can enjoy the underwater beauty by snorkeling. There are shallow reefs around the islands that also offer the stunning view of brightly-colored corals with schools of fish swimming around. While snorkeling, you might see tunas, barracudas, sardines, and even sharks.

Other water activities worth trying during your Raja Ampat Trip are sailing. Yes, there are sailing trips here exploring the vast area of Raja Ampat. Once the sails up and the trip begin, you will get an amazing experience of exploring Raja Ampat and visit the most amazing diving sites and islands around the area.

Even if you’re not up to the water activities, you still can enjoy Raja Ampat by island hopping and explore the forest. Go to Wayag viewpoint that sits on top of one of the island. This viewpoint overlooking a stunning bay that will make you wish your vacation never ends.

Where to Stay During Your Vacation

Staying in Raja Ampat is like another adventure. These islands offer various resorts located in strategic places where you will be pampered with wonderful views. Raja Ampat dive resort is a perfect for you that enjoy diving. It is usually located near popular dive sites around Raja Ampat. Some of them usually also provide diving gear for rent.

There are also Raja Ampat eco resorts which take active steps toward environmental sustainability. They are eco-friendly and sometimes also play an important role in the conservation of the fauna in Raja Ampat, for example, the Misool Eco Resort.

These resorts usually provide private bungalows, so you won’t get disturbed by other guests. They provide delicious fresh meals, complete facilities, and rooms that built on the sea. You can enjoy the serenity of a tropical island with a beautiful sunrise and sunset every day. If you want to swim, you can just jump to the sea below. Isn’t it amazing?

Raja Ampat Trip Tours

Raja Ampat is a vast area and it might not be easy to island hopping and explore the islands and diving sites by yourself. You will need to find Raja Ampat travel guide to help you explore the islands. There are tour agencies that offer various activities for you. There are Raja Ampat Tour & Travel that offers nature and wildlife tours. If you want to explore the dive sites, you can go with Wicked Diving Raja Ampat or Raja4Divers.

By joining the tour services, you will be able to go to the best place more efficiently. You will not spend too much time getting lost and don’t know where to go. Although probably getting lost here might feel nice, provided that you know how to go back to your resort.

How to Get to Raja Ampat

There are no airports in Raja Ampat, so you have to go to the nearest airport that is located in Sorong. You can go to Sorong from Jakarta or Makassar by plane. Once you arrived at the airport in Sorong, you have to go to the harbor by taxi. In the harbor, you can continue your journey to Raja Ampat by ferries.

Raja Ampat consists of many islands and 4 of the bigger islands are inhabited. Therefore, you have to choose where you want to go from Sorong. Waisai is the most popular island to visit and it is easier to go there from Sorong. The ferries depart twice a day from Sorong to Waisai and vice versa.

You can also go to Misool Island that is a little further in Raja Ampat and a little harder to get there. However, many adventures are waiting for you here. It takes 5 hours to go to Misool from Sorong. However, the ferry run infrequently so you have to check the schedule and information in the airport. Also, don’t forget to inform the resort where you’re going to stay during your vacation, therefore the resort will be ready to pick you up.

Raja Ampat Trip is one of the best vacations you can have. The wonderful and pristine tropical islands are something hard to get these days. It might be a little bit difficult to get to this hidden paradise. However, once you arrive in Raja Ampat, you will realize that this place is worth every effort you take to get here.

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