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Exploring the Hidden Gem of Salawati Island

If you’re a traveler or an avid diver, you might have heard about the name Raja Ampat. It is an archipelago located on west coast of Papua Island known for its breathtaking underwater landscapes. This archipelago consists of four prime islands namely Misool, Salawati, Batanta, Waigeo, and hundreds of islets. One of the larger islands, called Salawati Island is famous for its vast species of flora and fauna.

This area of this island is about 1623 square kilometers. Its pristine water and lush forest makes this island truly picturesque and certainly worth to visit. The clean air accompanied by calm nature sounds will ease your mind and makes you relax. This place might be the best getaway for you that want to move away a little bit from your daily or mundane routine and the busy streets that make you stressed out.

This island is geographically located in Salawati District, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua Indonesia. It is not easy to get there since there is no airport in Raja Ampat. However, you can reach the island by boat from Sorong. You can fly from Jakarta or Makassar to Sorong, and then continue the journey by boat from the port in Sorong to Salawati Island.

It boat trip takes about 2 hours, but you will never get bored on your way there. Beautiful landscapes of islands combined with blue and turquoise waters and the clear blue sky are something you’ll never get bored of. What makes it more interesting to watch is the majority of islands are uninhabbited. That means you can witness the pure, calm and quiet tropical nature like you’ve never seen before.

Beautiful Nuances

A remote and serene tropical island is not only a dream if you visit Raja Ampat. In fact, Salawati Island is where you will get those nuances. The island is surrounded by lush green plants and trees where wild animals live freely. Sometimes you will catch a glimpse of them around the exotic forests.

Not only on the island, the beach and underwater landscape are worth to explore too. The pristine waters with small waves and soft white sand are perfect for you that just want to laze around and relaxing on the beach. You can find some traditional hut to relax.

Meanwhile underwater, you will be welcomed with brightly colored corals around the island. Since Raja Ampat is located in the coral triangle, you will find hundreds of coral species in each region in Raja Ampat including around Salawati waters. More than 1000 types of coral fish and 700 types of mollusks live around the Raja Ampat waters which make it the most diverse underwater biota.

Remote Island with Relaxing Activities

Salawati Island may be a remote island, but it doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do here. In fact, people love to come here to enjoy the quietness and peacefulness of this island. Some of them come to watch the fantastic underwater scenery, while many scientists come to observe the diverse species live on this beautiful island.

Not only marine life, there are many bunkers left from World War II sinking in the sea around this amazing island. Certainly, it will make an interesting spot to dive. The current is calm, so it is possible for beginners to explore the waters. Even if you can’t dive or snorkel, the breathtaking scenery of the island is something you don’t want to miss.

Not only the beach and sea, you can also explore the sago forest here. You can even pick some sago and eat it directly on this island. Before you go back to your Raja Ampat resort, check the waterfall nearby while enjoying the sago you pick earlier. Finally, entertain yourself with the traditional Wor Dance, but make sure to check the performance schedule first!

Where to Stay on Salawati Island

You don’t have to worry about looking for a place to stay. Although there is not much place to stay here on the island, you can spend the night in the nearby island that offers Raja Ampat Resort or hotel. There are many resorts that offer an amazing place to stay for you. They are usually in the form of private wooden bungalows built on the beach. Therefore, you can really enjoy the tropical nuances every moment during your vacation.

You can also try to stay in local people’s houses. They are friendly, and you can even ask them to guide you when you want to explore the island. But if you’re planning to stay the night on Salawati Island, make sure you prepare everything you need beforehand. You will not be able to find restaurants or resorts around this Island, so you have to prepare enough foods from Sorong.

You can also jump to Misool Island to stay the night. This island is also one of the largest islands in Raja Ampat. You can stay in Misool Eco Resort which is an exclusive dive resort and conservation center. This means you will get to witness the amazing biodiversity of Raja Ampat nature in this island too.

Misool Eco Resort helps to protect the habitats and species live on Misool Island. There is even a No-Take Zone here which means that fishing, netting, shark finning, harvesting turtles, or any exploitation of marine life are banned here. They also have projects to protect Manta Rays and Shark. That is why you will be able to see the abundant amazing species here.

Salawati Island is the perfect place for your next getaway if you already get bored and too stressed out with the bustling city life. The calm and serene atmosphere will make you feel relax and unwind all the things that stressed you out. Even if you don’t feel stress at all, do visit this wonderful place. Its amazing beauty is worth to witness even if you visit it only once in your life.

Ready to Go to Salawati Island?

Before you get to Raja Ampat, make sure you plan everything beforehand. Find out from where you will get there since there is no airport in Raja Ampat. Also book your hotel first and contact your resort when you will arrive. Transportation is not really easy there, so you can get a pickup service provided by the resort. Bring enough cash with you since you will not be able to find ATM easily here and many places don’t receive debit or credit card payment. It might sound a little bit difficult to get to Salawati Island, but don’t worry, it certainly worth your effort.

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