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Staying in a Homestay, Alternative to Raja Ampat Hotel during Your Vacation

It has become a common knowledge that Raja Ampat is where you will be pampered with exquisite beauty and unique vacation experience. It may be located far from the cities, but hey, this is one of the reasons Raja Ampat is the perfect getaway from your everyday routine. Just pack your things, book your Raja Ampat Hotel, and enjoy this captivating paradise.

Raja Ampat Islands offer you a variety of adventurous activities. This gem in eastern Indonesia offers you diving, snorkeling, and even cruising by the liveaboard services. Therefore, staying for a little while might be the right choice to explore 8.034,44 km square area of these islands. After all, you will not be able to finish explore this huge area if you stay for a couple of days only.

Among the 35 islands inhabited, you will find some resorts and hotel tailored to fulfill your needs during your stay. Raja Ampat Hotel or Raja Ampat dive resort may be suitable for you that want to feel a little bit more of the luxury side of vacation. However, if you want a more personal touch with a little bit more affordable price, homestay may be suitable for you.

1. Mangrove Homestay Raja Ampat

Mangrove Homestay Raja Ampat offers private bungalow and two-room bungalows right on the beach on Mansuar Island. As the name suggests, this homestay is close to mangrove forest that you can visit during the low tide. You will see Walking sharks, small fish and other marine animals too hiding around the mangrove. The jungle behind the homestay will also give you the fresh breeze of air and the harmony of birds chirping.

If you love trekking and hiking, staying in this homestay may be the right choice. There are well-made hiking trails lead to a nearby village called Yenbuba. Or if you think that is not far enough, continue your trekking journey to Yenbekwan village that is located further. During the low tide, you can even cross the sandbanks to the tiny island called Ransiwor located between Mansuar and Kri Island. Bring your snorkeling gear along because this place is an excellent point for snorkeling too. However, you should be careful as the current can be very strong once the tide starts running.

The sandbanks create shallow pools during low tide. A lot of young fish and other creatures are trapped in these shallow pools for you to watch. But be careful when you walk on these shallows and try to always take the same and shortest path because compaction of the sand destroys the homes of marine creatures.

During the high tide, the verandah will be right over the water. The small table and two chairs in the verandah is the perfect place for you relax while looking at the great views across the strait to Gam and Waigeo. The bedrooms have real beds, sheets, pillows, bolsters and mosquito nets will keep you comfortable during your stay.

2. Mambetron Homestay

The next homestay is located on the north shore of Kri Island. The bungalows prepared by this homestay have ocean views. The verandah is furnished with table, beach seating and even a hammock. Perfect to lay down, relax and enjoy the view. The bedroom itself is prepared for couples, but if you need an extra mattress, this homestay will prepare it for you immediately.

The accommodation price has included three meals a day which is served in a dining building. You will enjoy your meal even better because it will be served with the panoramic views of the ocean across the strait to Gam and Waigeo.

This homestay is located in the shelter of a limestone cliff and shaded by the coconut palms with rich jungles in the background. This homestay offers a quiet place and close to the dive center on Kri Island. The dive centers of Koranu Fyak and Yenkoranu are located only a few hundred meters to the east. If you want to dive, Mambetron Homestay can arrange it for you.

Diving and snorkeling are not the only activities you can do here. Other things you can try here are hiking or village visits. During the low tide, you can walk the entire north shore of Kri Island, cross the exposed sandbanks between Kri and Mansuar Islands, or visit the Yenbuba village where you can find a great snorkeling spot below the jetty.

Around the western end of Kri Island, you will be served with an unforgettable panoramic view. In this lookout, you will see the spectacular view of greenish islands with the background of blue ocean and sky. The sunset view here is amazing, but don’t forget to bring along your light!

3. Rufas Homestay

Raja Ampat diving is one of the reasons people coming to visit this gem in eastern Indonesia. But rest assured for you that don’t have your diving license yet since, in Rufas Island, you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling in a lagoon with a wonderful view. If you’re lucky, you can see the large moral eel that lives in the lagoon. What makes it more amazing is you can jump into this lagoon anytime if you stay at Rufas Homestay.

This homestay is close to the famous Piaynemo and Melisa’s Garden, a paradise for snorkelers. Here, you can jump into the water and watch the waters filled with brightly colored corals along with its beautiful inhabitant. You can also swim around Rufas Island too since it also offers an exquisite view for you to enjoy. However, you should be careful with the tides and currents when you’re snorkeling outside the lagoon.

Raja Ampat Hotel might offer you luxurious facilities, but homestay offers you a more wonderful experience of staying in a relatively remote island. The bungalows of this homestay are lined by the beach of a private and coral-filled lagoon in Rufus Island. Each bungalow is shaded by small trees and has a small deck overlooking the jade colored lagoon.

Those are just some of the amazing homestay you can try in Raja Ampat Islands. If you want a more luxurious stay which also offers diving activities, you might want to try Raja Ampat Hotel or Raja Ampat dive resort. If you don’t think you’re going to dive or want a more affordable price, you might want to try homestay instead.

It is not hard to find these homestays. First of all, make sure you know how to get to Raja Ampat first. There is no airport at Raja Ampat, so you have to go to Sorong first before continuing the journey by boat. Prepare your gear and plan your trip to Raja Ampat immediately!

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