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The Beauty of Tropical Island in Fine Weather Raja Ampat

Having a vacation trip to Raja Ampat is guaranteed will be something very memorable. However, it is neither easy nor cheap to get to Raja Ampat. Sometimes, you also have to deal with bad weather, and having a vacation on tropical islands during bad weather is not exactly fun either. Therefore, you should know when is the right time to visit Raja Ampat to find a fine weather Raja Ampat? But before finding out when is the fine weather Raja Ampat, let’s talk about the Islands itself.

Raja Ampat Islands

The Raja Ampat Islands are located on the bird’s head (Vogelkoop) of the island of Papua, which is administratively located in Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua. The archipelago consists of four large islands, namely Waigeo, Misool, Salawati, and Batanta Island. Aside from those four larger islands, there are also hundreds of other islets spread in the Raja Ampat waters.

Raja Ampat has arguably an amazing natural beauty. Its natural ambiance will make anyone feel peace, calm and relax here. But above all, there is another paradise waiting for you under the sea. Healthy and pristine coral reefs, fishes swimming freely, the clear water, those all are the charms that make Raja Ampat crowned as one of the best diving destinations in the world. In Raja Ampat waters, hundreds of types of coral reefs grow really well. According to marine experts, 75 percent of the world’s coral species can be found in the Raja Ampat region.

Additionally, Raja Ampat has diverse animal species, ranging from fish, mollusks, and various other organisms that make it a highly rich marine life. You can even find animals like sharks swimming freely without feeling disturbed by human presence. You can also find endemic fish species here namely Eviota king. With an area of 40,000 square km, Raja Ampat Islands has better diversity than any region in the world. Combined with fine weather Raja Ampat, this place is certainly heaven on earth.

Considering the Weather Raja Ampat Before Visiting

If you really intend to explore the beauty of Raja Ampat, you must prepare at least one week for your visit. There are too many stunning sites that you will regret to miss. Try to visit in the right season, between October-November or March-April where the weather Raja Ampat is good. To make sure you know which place to visit, you might want to check the Raja Ampat map first.

Initially, the trip to Papua is said to be very difficult because of its location at the easternmost of Indonesia. However, you can actually travel there from anywhere. Airports in Jakarta and Bali have flights to Cenderawasih Island. You can go directly to Domine Eduard Osok Airport in Sorong, West Papua. However, you still need to continue your trip by ferry to reach Raja Ampat. Don’t worry though, by arriving in Sorong, it means that you’re only one step away from the heaven of the world.

If you come in the right season, you will be welcomed with the fresh clean air and nice weather. You might haven’t arrived at Raja Ampat yet, but a nice Sorong weather is also not to be missed! After you land at the airport, you can start traveling to Sorong harbor.

Where to Visit in Good Weather Raja Ampat

Once you land at Sorong harbor, tourists will usually be directed to Waisai Raja Ampat harbor. As a warm-up, you can visit the Sapurkren village where the bird of paradise conservation located. There is also Saleo Beach which is the right place to spend time with the waves. The next route is Wayag Island which has been an icon of Raja Ampat. You can start snorkeling a little here or visit the Serpelei village tour.

The next place to visit is Kabui Bay. There are various kinds of attractions you can visit, ranging from Batu Pensil, Batu Wajah, Mayafun Island, Friwen Beach, or you can just sit around all day while breathing the natural air of Raja Ampat. You can also snorkel at Friwen Wall and Batu Lima. But of all the wonderful locations above, Pianemo is the most visited place.

Many tourists make Pianemo as their main destination when visiting Raja Ampat. This is where the famous Arborek Village located. It has an amazing underwater scenery. You can also enjoy the sensation of swimming with sharks at Yenbuba, or explore the underwater beauty of Sawingdarek. But if you can already satisfied with the surface scenery, there is Telaga Bintang which offers the star-shaped lagoon. If you visit at the right time, you will experience the real fine weather Raja Ampat here.

But your adventure won’t stop there. Don’t forget to visit Mayalibit Bay which is no less beautiful. Here, you can find various tourist objects such as Batu Pensil, Kampung Lopintol, Kampung Warsambing, and Kali Biru. You can visit this location if you want to cool down after exploring various parts of Raja Ampat.

How to Find Good Raja Ampat Hotel?

You certainly cannot underestimate choosing the right Raja Ampat Hotel. While in Raja Ampat you might spend the whole day outside the hotel, but after an amazing adventure, you will want a comfortable bed, right? You surely want a maximum service, privacy, and nice meals. Vacation without a comfortable place to rest might leave you dissatisfied.

Basically, the local government has thought carefully about all aspects that may be needed in Raja Ampat tourism. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about where to stay during your visit. Since this area has been known to the world, all types of accommodation are available here, ranging from economy to exclusive classes.

If you happen to be a backpacker traveler and want to get affordable accommodation, homestay is the best choice. It generally costs around IDR 400,000. You can get cheaper or more expensive prices depending on the facilities and of course the price agreement with the owner.

Stay Comfortable by Staying in a Resort

But if you want comfort and full service, you can also visit hotels around the location. In fact, there are also resort services such as those offered by Misool Eco Resort, where guests can feel the sensation of staying on a private island. The lodgings are built on the sea, so guests can relax or swim directly in front of their room. Combined with amazing Misool weather, it is certainly a vacation you will never forget. But of course, it comes with a quite expensive price.

If you are a tourist who doesn’t understand anything about Raja Ampat, then you can make reservations through various applications. Just choose what suits your budget and your needs best. Don’t worry about not finding a place to stay, since there are many places to stay with standard facilities.

Although this tourism site is well known throughout the world, you still have to have the basic knowledge to be able to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. It’s not just a matter of finding the right vacation spot and hotel, but you also need to know the weather Raja Ampat to make sure you truly enjoy your visit.

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