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20 Reason to go to Raja Ampat, Indonesia Hidden Paradise

Indonesia has become a favorite foreign tourist destination since decades ago. Most of them come to Bali to surf and enjoy the typical tropical life of a two-season country. However, there are many more gleaming gems are found in this country, one of which is from the east end of Indonesia. Located in Papua Province, the reason to go to Raja Ampat is not only about diving and enjoying the beach with clear and pristine water.

Raja Ampat is more than that, once you visit, it will be difficult for you to move on from this gem islands. No wonder that many tourists extend their stay or come again and again to the small islets scattered in these vast waters. Are you still hesitant to visit Raja Ampat? We have 20 reasons why you shouldn’t delay to visit this hidden paradise.

1. Legendary Myth

Raja Ampat Islands is part of Sorong Regency, Indonesia. It is located in West Papua, the easternmost province in Indonesian territory. In Indonesian, the name means four kings, referring to the 4 largest islands in this area, namely Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo islands.

There is no clear history that records the origin of Raja Ampat name, except for the story passed from generation to generation. It is said that a long time ago, there was a woman who found 7 eggs. Four of them grew as rulers of the 4 largest islands in the region. While the remaining 3 transformed into a spirit, a woman, and a rock.

2. Complex Destination

Complex here means that tourists will find a huge selection of holiday menus. You will not only have fun but also will indulge yourself with various treats. You no longer need to find another reason to go to Raja Ampat, because all you want will be presented here. It is ranging from the beauty of natural scenery, biodiversity, to various interesting activities during your vacation. It is a one-way package!

3. Pampering Your Naked Eyes

The islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean have a tropical climate. Nobody doubts its almost unmatched beauty. One of them can be found in Piaynemo, island with the highest cliff in Raja Ampat. It is indeed quite difficult to reach its peak, you will need extra energy to climb in the middle of the blazing tropical sun. But once you arrive at the top, you will find the most beautiful natural paintings in one wide frame. It is filled with green ‘hairy’ rock formations, a blue sea with a few greenish spots as the floor. While the roof is bright blue sky with white shimmering clouds. Such exquisite scenery!

4. Coral Beauty

Raja Ampat Indonesia is blessed with 75% of species of the entire world’s coral. These reefs swarmed with 537 species that form hard corals, including the brain coral and elkhorn coral. They are able to survive thanks to the support of algae (zooxanthellae) which thrives here.

5. Exotic Marine Biota

Ask what you want to see, you can find them here. Raja Ampat has a myriad of marine life. More than 1000 species of fish, including dolphins, clown fish, and most recently, the sunfish are found here. It still does not include the 5 species of rare turtles, 13 species of marine mammals, and 50 species of mantis shrimp. The water around Misool Island is also the habitat for non-poisoned jellyfish.

6. Heaven for Diving and Snorkeling

Various wealth mentioned above proves that this is a paradise for divers and snorkelers. Those who are able to dive deep enough can enjoy this underwater treasure as much as they like. While at the same time, Raja Ampat’s shallow sea still offers no less beautiful landscape.

7. Angel of the Tropical Forest

Not only water tourism, you can walk into the forest to meet its inhabitants. You will see those paradise birds that you might not see in other tropical forests except in Sawinggrai Village, Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

8. Exquisite Sunset

The orange sky before the sunsets also deserves to be anticipated. You can’t just miss this fantastic moment. Many people are amazed when they capture the charming sunset which makes Raja Ampat so popular among travelers. Don’t forget to bring your best camera when you visit this paradise.

9. The Best Photography Spot

Capture every interesting scenery since you are on your way until arrives at the destination, sunset, natural panoramic views, local wisdom, travel atmosphere, exciting experiences, underwater activities, flora and fauna, and other interesting findings. Looks like you will need a large sd card capacity to store all shots during your vacation.

10. Wake Boarding Activity

The tourism infrastructure progress in Raja Ampat Islands continues to be improved. What other reason it is if not to make the tourists indulge themselves. If you love adrenaline racing activities, you can find wakeboarding facilities here. Calm oceans waves are suitable for those who are just recently learning it.

11. Village Live

Want to live in the village with all its simplicity? It is the right choice. Take off your status for a moment as a city person. Enjoy an environment free of vehicles and paved roads. Go through the sandy streets and rest in a simple wooden house. Feel the different quality of life like a native of Raja Ampat.

12. Effective Isolation

There is nothing else to be found in the village other than calmness. A really quiet and solitary atmosphere. Nature is a true friend. Natural sounds create a distinct musical harmony between beautiful colors, breezes, and bright tropical weather.

13. Detoxification

Tranquility means far from all distractions. There are no roars of vehicles, interrupting chatter of toxic friends, your boss scolding, let alone the pile of deadline documents. In fact, it seems that you need to close all access to modernity, turn off your gadget for a while and keep it neatly in your backpack. Who need all those gadgets if you meet the spectacular view and experience right in front of your eyes?

14. Indigenous Hospitality

Another reason to go to Raja Ampat is the hospitality of its residents. Like other regions in Indonesia, every visitor will be welcomed so that you will feel comfortable to mingle with 197 local residents. Children are happy with the presence of tourists, you can play with them too.

15. Flavorful Delicacies

If you are someone who often confused about what food to eat, rest assured that it will not happen here. Please taste the special culinary flavors of Sorong Indonesia. A filling menu such as rice, vegetables, and fish cooked with coconut milk will be a delicious meal after diving.

16. Accommodation

There are a number of resorts and homestays as a staying place. Most are wooden and bamboo buildings, with exteriors decorated with shells of marine animals. You will live in the middle of the wild, however, some resorts already provide free Wi-Fi, but do you really need to indulge on the internet when you’re here? But even though there are no restaurants, the need to eat 3 times a day will still be fulfilled, along with various snacks that are also available.

17. Transportation

How to get to Raja Ampat? There is no easy way to find hidden treasures. The journey to Raja Ampat also takes quite a long time. The fastest way is by air through Sorong which can be reached for 4 hours from Jakarta, and short flights from Makassar. From Sorong airport, proceed to the port to find a ferry or speedboat to Raja Ampat that will approximately take 90 minutes to 2 hours. Although it might take quite a long time, the amazing scenery along the way will leave you breathless!

18. Cheap Expenses

It seems impossible if these remote islands can be reached at a very low cost. But for the exquisite experience and scenery of Raja Ampat, Rp. 6 million still sounds reasonable. That amount includes decent travel and accommodation costs for 4 days and 3 nights. Or if you want to save even more, there are tour management that provides tour packages with a limited duration that costs around Rp. 3 million.

19. Finding Different Experiences

If you are looking for a different experience, you should be patient with your savings. Patience will pay off when you visit Raja Ampat riding the luxury of the Mutiara Laut Sailing Ship. Enjoy the journey across the ocean exploring Raja Ampat for a full week.

20. Make You Addicted

There is a lot of reason to go to Raja Ampat, you don’t need to doubt it. Many interesting things could have been missed during the first visit in Raja Ampat Islands. You will certainly get addicted to this wonderful place. Your first arrival will usually be followed by the second visit, third visit, and so on.

With so many reasons, do you still need any other reason to convince you to visit this hidden paradise? Go get your diving gear and be prepared for an unforgettable moment in your life.

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