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4 Best Raja Ampat Dive Resort for Adventurous Couples

Some couples have their own hobbies. Some like road trips, exercising together, and many other things. How lucky it is if you find a soulmate who has similar hobbies. Especially if both of you can diving together, how romantic! Enjoy the silence under the sea accompanied by various fauna species and brightly colored coral reefs.

Diving together with your partner means you have to choose the right place to stay and also for your honeymoon. Don’t worry, there are several best Raja Ampat Dive Resort for you. With spectacular scenery and complete facilities, make sure this trip strengthens the love between you and your partner.

1. Misool Eco Resort, High Privacy and Build Romanticism

If you enjoy a rustic and luxurious theme, Misool Eco Resort is the perfect place for you. The water cottages are built over the North Lagoon not far from the Dive Centre and restaurant. The breathtaking view of the powdery-white beach and blue water swimming hole will be presented for you if you choose the South Beach Villas. Better yet, this beach is reachable by a short walk over the hill. But if you don’t feel like walking on the steep path, you can always choose water taxi that is available at all times except during very low tide.

There are several choices of room to stay, from overwater bungalows to villas far from other villas so that you can feel the privacy even more. If you want to experience the serenity and private beach area, choose the North Villa, Nasnoos Villa or Wakachom Villa which is located in the north side of this resort area.

Do you want a romantic dinner? Don’t fret! Because Misool Eco Resort also provides wonderful meals for a lovely dinner with your partner. This resort various Asian and Western cuisine focus on the fresh, local and organic menu. For the daily meal, you will be served with four meals per day plus afternoon tea complimented with lemon and cardamom biscotti or banana fritters with shaved white chocolate. If you want to enjoy your afternoon with a glass of liquor, this resort has imported beer, imported wine, and champagne ready for you.

2. Papua Paradise Eco Resort

Do you want to experience staying on a private island? Try Papua Paradise Eco Resort that is located along the pristine shoreline of Birie Island, Raja Ampat. What makes this place special is because it is located on an uninhabited island with lush jungle and a wonderful array of fauna and exotic birds around. Meanwhile, the underwater part of this area is packed with reefs for you to explore.

This Raja Ampat Dive Resort is presented with traditional style building that surely gives you a total experience of staying in an exotic place. This place is the perfect getaway for you that want to leave the bustling streets and civilization for a while. The busy streets noise disturbing your nights will be replaced with the sound of birds and the lapping of the waves under the bungalows. Despite located far from the busy city, this place has an exceptionally high standard of comfort and service. This resort even has the only luxurious spa in Raja Ampat that will make you feel the healing, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

It might look small and modest from the outside, however, when you enter the room, all doubts will be answered. Just like other resort, all luxury and needs are available inside. So, you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable since the first class service has been prepared to welcome the visiting guests to enjoy the beauty of nature and explore Raja Ampat diving spot that is already famous for its beauty.

3. Kri Eco Resort

To avoid misunderstanding, eco-resort means ecology resort which means that they are built with the hope of not damaging nature and actually helping to conserve the earth and keeping its ecosystem. So, for those who are not afraid to see forest animals such as snakes, large lizards, and some other reptiles, Kri Eco Resort is perfect for you. Perhaps since this Raja Ampat Accommodation is located on the small Kri Island, the distance between the forest and the bungalow is really close.

This resort provides 3 categories of rooms, i.e. Papuan, Superior and Deluxe with their minimal design. Local Papuan materials used in these rooms give you an exotic and traditional feeling. But no need to worry about the comfort of modern life, since you still can have free Wi-fi access and electric fans for those nights when the breeze is not strong enough. Staying in this resort, you will be welcomed with a comfort and unique architectural design as well as very sweet and helpful staffs that make you wish you stay longer.

From here, you can directly dive at Cape Kri, one of the famous Raja Ampat diving spot. Even so, pay attention to the requirements to dive in this area. There is a minimum number of dives before you can jump into this ocean because the current is quite strong. If you have met the requirements, you can dive into this ocean and find a wonderful array of fishes and corals.

4. Sorido Bay Resort

Sorido Bay Resort located not far from Kri Eco Resort. It is located on Kri Island, approximately 75 km from the Sorong Port, northwest coast of West Papua. To get here, you need to take an international flight to an international airport in Jakarta or Ujung Pandang. Then continue with a domestic flight to Sorong at Domine Edward Osok airport. Arriving at Sorong, you can continue with transfer service between Sorong airport and the resort.

There are two kinds of room prepared by Sorido Bay Resort for Raja Ampat diving couple, i.e. Kaimana and Sentani bungalow. Sentani room is perfect for honeymoon couple because it is prepared for two people. You can find complete facilities in the room such as WiFi, private sun deck, and safety box. Kayak and Stand up Paddleboard is available for free.

Raja Ampat diving indeed is the best diving site in the world. However, you need to find the perfect place to stay to be able to enjoy the bio-diverse marine to the fullest. Staying in this resort, you can experience the staggering variety of marine lives. In the Dampier Strait, you can enjoy the diving and snorkeling all time all year. In the summer, some resorts, especially in the south, tend to close due to rougher conditions, although the visibility is actually is the best during this time of the year. However, since the Sorido Bay Resort is located in a protected area, they can operate all year round and you can visit anytime you like.

Diving might be a unique and unusual activity for couples, but it is actually good for your marriages. Diving builds trust between two people since you are going into a hostile environment with your partner only. That means you have to trust each other for this. Not only you have to rely on your own skills and training, you have to be aware of people diving with you. And when you’re in trouble, you have to trust that your diving partner will rescue you.

So, with those Raja Ampat Dive Resort recommended for you along with the reason why you should dive with your significant other, do you still have any doubt to try to visit Raja Ampat? Get rid of your doubts and plan your vacation now!

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