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6 Raja Ampat Islands for Unforgettable Diving Moment

Located in Eastern Indonesia, Raja Ampat Islands is a paradise of endless natural wealth to be discussed. From the beautiful and calm atmosphere to the well-preserved of thousands of underwater fauna species which divers are dying to see. Are you one of them?

There are lots of dive spots in Raja Ampat, we choose the six best that will take you to the unforgettable experience. You have to visit every one of these and enjoy it wholeheartedly. In addition to the diving site choice, we also provide you with instructions on how to get there.

1. Melissa’s Garden

It is located in the northwest of Raja Ampat and is a small paradise for divers and underwater photographers. You will find beautiful coral reef parks with amazing color composition. In fact, there are many species you can only find in this Melissa’s Garden.

For those of you who just recently receive your diving license or beginners, you don’t have to worry. This Raja Ampat Diving spot is suitable for all licenses. Enjoy diving in a school of anemone fish and coral reefs in various forms. Not only that, be prepared to meet rabbits, sea snakes, lionfish, angelfish and pygmy seahorses. In the deeper parts, you will also find barracuda and sometimes the manta ray and even Wobbegong sharks. Unfortunately, this type of fish has been increasingly rare to find because many are captured for their fin.

How to get to Melissa’s Garden? It’s very easy! Many diving service providers and also tour and travel provide day trip package to this spot. There are several departure points, you can choose one that closest to the place you stay. Usually, a day trip here is also a series to other spots that are no less interesting.

2. The Passage

Don’t leave Raja Ampat if you haven’t dived in The Passage spot. It is located between Waigeo and Gam islands with a very huge area. You can test your adrenaline by going through an underwater tunnel and shady trees in the surrounding islands.

The water that flows through the channel is drawn in by the tides, bringing nutrients with it and allowing marine life to flourish in the area. The tree canopies and limestone cliffs above the water make it a really beautiful and unique dive. Divers can find amazing bright orange sea fans and large purple sponges. There are also many sea squirts, sea pens, and hydroids.

There are several resorts offering diving packages to this location. One of them is The Papua Explorers Resort located in Meon Mansar. The diving package departed at eight o’clock in the morning and returned at four o’clock in the afternoon. You will be invited to enjoy diving at one of the best Raja Ampat Diving spots!

3. Boo Windows

Unlike other spots, Boo Windows is still not crowded with divers. Not because it’s not good but it’s still hidden so that not many people know about this place. But once you dive, you will think twice about going up due to its beautiful landscapes.

With its unique topography and rainbow-like coral reefs, this place is the perfect spot for diving. Due to its small islet with a mild current, you can completely explore this place in a single dive. And don’t forget to bring an underwater camera to capture this precious moment!

This little paradise is located on the southeast of the Misool island. From Sorong Indonesia, it takes 5-hour by boat from the port. From Sorong, you can take a day trip from the resort or tour and travel to Boo Windows. Enjoy this little beautiful paradise.

4. Cape Kri

This spot is home to barracuda, jacks, batfish, and snapper that coexist with small reef fish, rays, sharks, turtles, and groupers. After the afternoon dive, the sun sets with its shine will welcome you out of the sea. No wonder that Cape Kri is always crowded with divers who come to explore Raja Ampat Islands.

But unfortunately, Cape Kri can only be enjoyed by those who have a track record of at least 50 dives. This is because the current is so strong that it will be dangerous if you are not an expert in this field. But don’t be disappointed if you haven’t been able to play into this underwater world, you can still enjoy the beach with soft waves and super pristine white sand.

It is very easy to get to the Cape Kri! Only 3 minutes by speedboat from Kri Eco Resort, so you can take advantage of the dive package offered by this accommodation. You can also stay there too, and enjoy the sunrise from the Kri Eco Resort bungalow.

5. Manta Ridge

The question that often arises is, how to get to Raja Ampat? For foreign tourists, you can use flights from Jakarta or Bali and to Manado or Makassar. Then, take another flight to Sorong, Papua and then go to the island where you will be staying. The two trips might take a long time, but believe me, everything will be pay off with the valuable experience that you will get there.

When you arrive, don’t forget to put Manta Ridge as one of the destinations that must be visited, even better, put it in the first days of your visit. Why? Because this spot is located between Airborei Island and Mansuar Island, home to manta rays. So when you dive, you will meet with this group of aquatic animals.

One surprising fact, the dive spot is 40 meters deep! Wow, even though it looks shallow from above, you will need a minimum track record of diving to get down here. You also have to be careful because the deeper you get, the light and visibility are also shorter.

6. Mike’s Point

Mike’s Point is at the eastern end of Kerupiar Island, which is located off the southeast coast of Gam beach. This destination is also one of the most favorite dive spots for divers who come to Raja Ampat Islands. The terrain is so attractive and challenging, with 30 to 40 meters in depth, so that the coral reefs grow well and are protected from damage.

What makes this spot interesting is the coral gardens that you will find around 7 to 10 meters deep. Going deeper, you will find the hard and soft corals, and maybe pigmy sea horses, turtles, and woebegone swimming around you. 

Go to the left hand side when you are diving on the far side away from Gam. Here, you will find the coral gardens waiting for you to be found. Mike’s Point is one of the jewels of Raja Ampat that become the highlight of tourism in this area. Make sure to put this destination on your diving route.

You can come visit at any months or seasons because many diving spots are ready here. When you feel tired, you can go immediately to the islands, you can stay for one night in Sorong Indonesia. But don’t get too tired before you arrive at your main destination.

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