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Best Time to Dive Raja Ampat Beautiful Underwater

When planning your vacation, you might want to go at the best time to dive Raja Ampat, don’t you? Considering that this is the most awaited moment, sail through a long journey to dive into this paradise of coral and marine fauna. You are on the right website because we will provide guidance for you.

If you are matching the schedule for work leave or college holiday, then you don’t need to worry. In fact, anytime is the right time to dive in Raja Ampat Islands. The underwater temperature is pretty warm, it is around 28-30 Celsius degrees depends on where the dive spot is. This temperature remains the same the whole year and relatively stable.

Then, how about the long distance? It is also stable and you don’t need to worry about the weather because this tourism site isn’t located on the ocean, so there are almost no big waves or extreme weather. This is what the divers are usually worried about, right?

Considering a lot of dive spots here, you should also be wise to determine the dive schedules and routes. Don’t get your routes messed up since it will waste your time. Not to mention there are several dive spots that take longer to reach and dive than others.

Now let’s discuss choosing the right time to dive here. It turns out that the needs vary from one spot to another. Some are really beautiful to dive when the sun just rises, or even when it is a drizzle. Some spots are also fun to visit when the sun is shining brightly with a gentle breeze.

So, how about the right month? Raja Ampat diving spot is spread in extensively wide waters, so the islands offer different things for you. From mid-October to mid-December you will be able to enjoy the pristine seas like watching a mirror. At night, the sea is really calm that it will make you feel like you’re floating.

During mid-June to mid-September, the wind is very strong and there is horizontal rain. In this season, most of the liveaboards will sail in other areas where the weather is nicer. Many Raja Ampat hotels are closed too during this period of time.

So, if you have to choose the best time among all the good ones, then you can choose mid-October or mid-December. At that period of time, the sun is bright with a clear sky! It is unlikely that the rain falls or the weather turns bad suddenly. 12-24 days is enough to explore the best places in Raja Ampat, but if you really want to explore everything, then one month might not enough. If you have a long vacation, try every Raja Ampat diving spot!

Since Raja Ampat is an archipelago, then you have to explore it using a boat (either to dive sites or Raja Ampat hotel where you stay). We suggest that you leave from Sorong, as well as returning. Aside from the easy access, an airport is also available in Sorong. Therefore, you can go to the harbor to continue your journey by sea to your dream vacation.

If you don’t want to stay at the hotel, then you can take a cruise, there are many choices ranging from standard to luxurious with a five-star-hotel like facilities. There are many options for sailing around the entire area of Raja Ampat from one end to another suitable with your budget and holiday style. With different holiday package, there are also different destinations to visit.

There are many advantages if you join the liveaboard cruise compared to staying in the resort. By having your vacation on a liveaboard, you will get to enjoy sunsets from different places that offers breathtaking views. You will get to see the calm beaches and lagoons with delightful sunrises. Some days might be clear and all sunshine, but some other times, there might be a drizzle.

To get the best time to dive Raja Ampat gorgeous underwater landscape, don’t forget to bring your equipment. You might not the type of person who likes to capture moments using a camera, but it doesn’t hurt to bring your own. You can ask the tour or ship crew to take your photos and videos while diving. It will be a pity to not capture these precious moments to be used as souvenirs or stories when you’re returning home.

So, what else you should bring? You can just bring the basic things such as underwater camera, torch or flashlight for night dives because some amazingly beautiful dive spots are visited during the night. Don’t forget to bring along your reef hook for strong currents, but remember to always hook it only to rocks. Bring along your spare batteries and memory cards. You don’t need to bring too many, but if you are a photographer or videographer, you might need even more preparation.

After you finish with the documentation preparation, the final step is to decide whether to stay at Raja Ampat Hotel or liveaboard cruise. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of staying at each choice:

Staying in a hotel or resort:
• Suitable for those who have not accustomed to staying on the boat for a long time or might easily get seasick.
• You can rest in a spacious and comfortable room and can take a short break from diving for those days when you want to stay in your room.
• With affordable prices, you can get an overwater bungalow in Raja Ampat complete with the best facilities such as internet connection, three-time meal package and romantic dinner with your significant other.
• You can move hotels and resorts throughout the Raja Ampat region. They are pretty and have their own advantages.
• You can enjoy the Raja Ampat nature more broadly (not just diving).

• You have to pay twice for staying and for a tour around in Raja Ampat diving spots.
• At some time, many hotels and resorts are closed due to low season, so there might be not many choices.
• During high season, the price for the room per night can soar a lot more than usual.
• Sometimes resorts are on remote islands where there are that one only resorts, there is no entertainment or anything else to enjoy.

Liveaboard Cruise
• You can enjoy dozens of full days on board, as much as you want to explore Raja Ampat Islands.
• There are plenty of packages and ships choice departs even though it is not the best time to dive Raja Ampat.
• No need to go back and forth to the resort because you stay on the boat.
• You can enjoy the sunrise and sunset, pleasant nights while sailing plus closer to nature.

• To be in the ocean for a long time may feel uncomfortable for some people.
• It tests your courage if there is a problem on the ship or big waves that suddenly strikes.
• When there is a bad weather, the ship will not be able to be moored, so some spots might be missed (this can be avoided if staying at the resort because during bad weather the departure will be canceled from the start).
• During high season, prices can be extraordinarily expensive and make some people discouraged.

Hopefully, our guide will help you to fix your plan to Raja Ampat. We look forward to your visit to Indonesia!

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