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Exploring the Beauty of the Papuan Ocean through Black Manta Liveaboard Raja Ampat

The Eastern region of Indonesia does have stunning beauty. There are several excellent destinations that will make anybody visiting this place feels like they are in heaven. One of the most famous locations is Raja Ampat Islands located in the West Papua region. Domestic and foreign tourists flocked to see the atmosphere of the tropical sea here. You can easily find pristine nature, diving and snorkeling spots, animal conservations, and also floating villas. But if you want to experience something more than just staying on the land, then you can try a trip with Black Manta Liveaboard Raja Ampat. Local people usually call it as KM Black Manta.

For those who don’t know yet, Black Manta is a liveaboard Indonesia that serves sea travel around Raja Ampat and provides the opportunity for tourists to explore its ocean. With Black Manta, you will enjoy an amazing trip exploring Raja Ampat archipelago. This vessel is specifically designed to pamper divers that hungry for underwater experience. You don’t need to worry about diving equipment since the vessels have provided all the necessities you need. Throughout the trip, you will pass through various stunning spots. In these spots, you will get the opportunity to explore the underwater freely and truly feel the real Raja Ampat diving.

Black Manta Liveaboard Raja Ampat

However, you need to know that Black Manta does not serve a tour in Raja Ampat only, but also operates around Komodo Island. Since both locations have an equally extraordinary panorama, then the tour schedule is divided into two in one year. Visitors of Raja Ampat usually enjoy the trip with Black Manta from November to March, while April to September is for Komodo Island trip. Therefore, if you’re really interested to enjoy the scenery with this vessel, you have to check the schedule first and book your ticket in advance.

With 32 meters length and 7.5 meters width, Black Manta is capable of accommodating passengers up to 20 people and 14 crews. The speed can reach 9-12 knots per hours and will take you to a minimum 7 days 6 nights trip exploring the ocean. There are also 10 days 9 nights package that will take you further into the pristine beauty of Papua.

This vessel trip will start from Sorong port and then immediately depart for Raja Ampat. Then you will be taken around the islands, diving in various dive spots, exploring the islands, until the journey finally ends in Sorong. Black Manta basically has its own departure schedule. However, it sometimes changes depending on the situation. If the passengers’ quota has been met earlier with a good condition, the tour may start earlier than the scheduled time. Therefore, if you want to be part of this tour, you should book a place in advance.

Luxurious and Comfortable Trip

If you have joined with the crew onboard, then you will be welcomed with a myriad of pleasures. You can choose a cabin that suits your taste, and complete with a bathroom inside your cabin. Don’t worry about fresh water on board. You will not bathe with sea water because the vessel has provided fresh water for you to use. The cabin is also designed luxuriously with decorations that will make you feel comfortable. There is also an air conditioner available in the cabin. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the heat.

A week on board, your comfort will be guaranteed. There are comfortable lounges to fill the time you spend while waiting for the vessel to arrive at the next destination. There is also an entertainment center that will pamper you as a guest. If you want to sunbathe while enjoying the fresh air above the sea, there is a comfortable sun deck that will be waiting for you. Various delicious meals are also available. This liveaboard will also cater to your needs. If you feel thirsty, there are various drinks available. If you are tired from diving, relax, there is a massage service available for passengers.

Although it is designed for those who love to dive, in fact, not all passengers come to explore the underwater beauty. Some of them are visitors that only want to experience the sensation of exploring the heaven on earth. Non-divers are generally charged 10 percent lower than divers. But relax, you will still be able to enjoy all of those comfortable facilities even if you’re not a diver. You can also enjoy all of this scenic beauty of the national parks visited.

Not a Cheap Cruise, but It Worth the Experience

However, you need to know that exploring Raja Ampat on a liveaboard is not a cheap option. To travel around the islands with Black Manta, you need to prepare at least $2400, or approximately IDR 36 million for accommodation only. Prices can vary, depending on the type of room you rent. For deluxe rooms, you will have to spend IDR 50 million per trip. This fee includes staying in the vessel complete with meals, drinks, and vessel facilities.

However, if you come without bringing your equipment and plan to rent it from the vessel, there will be some additional cost. The diving equipment rent cost $42, or about IDR 630 thousand. This price does not include the marine park entrance fees visited along the way. The vessel facilities, such as massage, will not be included in the accommodation costs. There will be an additional cost if you use this facility.

Although some people say it’s expensive, the experience you will get is truly memorable compared to idly staying at the resort only. You will be able to explore the Raja Ampat region to your heart content, not in one place only. Liveaboard passengers will be able to compare the difference between one water to another. There will be an opportunity to meet endemic animals on each island. You can easily find sharks, sea turtles, sea corals, even historical sites. You will also get various impressive services provided on board. This service makes this ship one of the most respected among other Raja Ampat liveaboard.

There are Also Other Great Liveaboard Selection

The experience of exploring Raja Ampat with Black Manta liveaboard Raja Ampat seems very exciting indeed. Who doesn’t want to enjoy underwater exploration with the best diving equipment? Not to mention, Black Manta Liveaboard will pamper you on board with various facilities that make you feel like Kings and Queens. But if it turns out that this liveaboard’s schedule doesn’t match your schedule, don’t be sad. You can book other Raja Ampat liveaboards such as Raja Manta (or also known as White Mantal liveaboard), Blue Manta liveaboard, Arenui liveaboard, and many others. There are dozens of Indonesia liveaboard services that will take you around Raja Ampat.

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