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Cheap Flights to Raja Ampat, Grab Your Ticket Now!

Raja Ampat Indonesia is one of the favorite vacation destinations for tourists from all over the world. Its nature and underwater stunning scenery are the reason many people choose to visit this place. But the problem is, it is not easy to get to Raja Ampat and the flight alone can take hours. No wonder that visiting this place can be very expensive. Even so, it is not possible for you to get a cheaper flight ticket. Here are some tips to get cheap flights to Raja Ampat.

Sorong Indonesia

As mentioned above, access to Raja Ampat is indeed not easy. There is Marinda Airport in Waisai, Raja Ampat. However, not many flights can land here due to the limited flights. Marinda only serves flight to and from Domine Eduard Osok airport in Sorong. This flight even only serves flight twice a week. Therefore, Sorong is the only airport that can be accessed from other regions.

However, not all airports have a direct flight to Domine Eduard Osok in Sorong. Most airlines will transit to various cities before the passengers arrive at their destination. Additionally, the cost of a flight to Domine Eduard Osok airport is quite expensive. Let’s say that you fly from Jakarta to Sorong, then it will cost around IDR 1.2 million to IDR 6 million one way, depend on the policy of the airline you choose. There are several airlines that serve flights, including Garuda Indonesia, Sriwijaya Air, NAM Air, and Batik Air.

This limited access also affects tourist coming from outside Indonesia. There are only a few airports that provide flights to Raja Ampat, such as Sidney which is located in Australia, the closest continent to Papua. To reach Raja Ampat, there is only one airport to go, which is Melbourne. The Flight is served by Garuda Indonesia airlines, but of course with many transits that can take a whole day.

However, a plane is not the only means you can use to get to Raja Ampat. If you want a cheap travel by saving your budget, the other means you can do to get to Raja Ampat is to take a boat. That is because even if you have arrived at Sorong Airport, you still have to go to Sorong harbor to find a ferry that goes to Raja Ampat. If you are not in a hurry and want to save money, you can directly choose to go to Raja Ampat Indonesia by sea.

But remember, there is limited ferry sailing to Raja Ampat and not all regions in Indonesia provide a ferry to Raja Ampat. Some cities that serve vessel sailing to Raja Ampat are Ambon and Makassar. This trip can takes hours to days. It takes 20-31 hours from Ambon, at a cost of around IDR 250 thousand. Whereas from Makassar, it takes around 2-3 days, at a cost of around IDR 500-700 thousand.

How to get cheap flights to Raja Ampat?

Finally, we come to the long-awaited point. Is it possible to get cheap flights or Raja Ampat Islands? If so, how can you get it? Raja Ampat is indeed located in a remote area and a plane ticket to that stunning place will not be cheap, but there are always some ways. There are several ways you can do to save the plane ticket cost to Raja Ampat. Check it out!

  • The first thing you should consider is never going on an unplanned vacation. Aside from you can’t choose a comfortable place, it will also cost a lot more money. If you buy an impromptu ticket to Raja Ampat, even if it is not at high season, the cheapest price you can get can reach more than IDR 2 million. If you run out of the cheapest tickets, it can cost more than IDR 6 million.

Therefore, book your flights in advance is the safest way. You can have more options and don’t have to compete with many people to get the cheapest ticket for that day. Generally, the safest and most convenience time to book a plane ticket is three months before the departure. In that period, you can save more money to make the most of your vacation later.

  • Use a promo ticket! Nowadays, there are many online booking websites to help your trip easier. These websites make you easily compare the price tickets, and also provide discounts. Use these promo codes to make your tickets cost cheaper. Therefore, you should observe the ‘discounts and promo’ offers at the traveling websites.
  • Relay trip is another way so that you can arrive in Raja Ampat without spending too much money. Do you know that direct flight from Jakarta to Sorong is the most expensive way for you to choose from? To lower the cost, you can do a relay trip to cities providing sea travel to Sorong, such as Makassar. You can go to Raja Ampat directly from the harbor at Makassar city.
  • Choose airlines providing an affordable price. Of the several airlines flying to Raja Ampat, Sriwijaya Air is the cheapest of all. Then, it is followed by NAM Air, Batik Air, and the most expensive one is Garuda Indonesia. However, cheap prices mean you will not get as many and as good quality of facilities as what the more expensive airlines offer.
  • Another thing you need to remember when you book a plane ticket is to buy a round-trip ticket at once.

You can try the above methods to get the cheapest ticket. Therefore, you need to plan your trip well. Don’t forget to learn the Raja Ampat Map so that you can estimate what you will do there and how long you will be staying in Raja Ampat.

Once you choose your flight, maybe the next step you need to think about is what you should do out there. The most expensive activity in Raja Ampat is island hopping. There are more than 1800 islands in Raja Ampat islands, so you will certainly need a lot of money to visit some of these islands, it can even cost more than your plane ticket.

Not only that, you still have to pay the entrance fee which is generally around IDR 500 thousand per person for domestic tourist, and about IDR 1 million per person for foreign tourists. Therefore it is suggested for you to travel in a group to suppress the costs. You also need to carefully determine where to stay. Learn any information about Raja Ampat hotel beforehand so that you can choose one that suits your taste best. But if you want a cheaper option, you can choose to stay in a homestay or a rented local people house.

Now that you know the information on how to get cheap flights to Raja Ampat, you can prepare your vacation from today. Pack your things and have fun!

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