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Enjoying Raja Ampat Liveaboard with a Luxury Touch

For some people, a vacation to Raja Ampat is not only to enjoy diving, but also experience staying on a ship for a couple days (even up to 2 weeks!). Do you want to try it as well? This is the perfect choice to explore more Raja Ampat diving spot without having to go back and forth to the bungalow or resort. 

Raja Ampat Liveaboard offers a unique experience for you. There is some choice that will spoil you during the trip. With an exquisite boat, professional crew and high-standard menu, prepare yourself to explore the world’s paradise with this luxurious cruise:

1. SMY Ondina, Your Best Raja Ampat Accomodation

Exploring the ocean with wide and big sailing ship is no longer a dream. SMY Ondina will take you to see the marine life with more than 1000 fish species such as sharks, mantas, dolphins, sea snakes and whale sharks in it. It is perfect for beginner, intermediate and also professional divers. You also don’t have to bring your own diving equipment because it will be provided for rent.

This trip offers you 10 days full of schedule that surely will make you excited. Starting from Sorong and ending in Sorong, this ship will also take 16 people only. Therefore, you will feel more intimate and free because there won’t be too many guests. This cruise also prepares a variety of delicious meal. You can choose anything you like from Indonesian, Italian, and Japanese main meal dishes and dessert. In the morning, you will be served with East-meets-West style breakfast or Buffet-style waitress service. If you have specific dietary needs, just contact them and they will be happy to cater to your needs.  Coffee, tea, soft drinks, water, biscuit, and fruit will be provided free of charge, while beer, wine, and espresso are available for purchase.

Then, which diving spots will be visited by SMY Ondina? It’s a lot! Starting from the most famous one such as Cape Kri, Mike’s Point to the night dive in Yenbeser. The route evenly explores all parts of Raja Ampat. With only 3629 USD, you will have the most impressive experience in your life.

2. Tambora Ship

Do you want a more private sailing and diving experience? Or maybe even for 1 group or family only? Tambora Liveaboard is the answer. This ship has so many schedules to explore Raja Ampat diving spot with an exclusive concept and a perfect luxury. Although you have a flat-screen TV with a complete home cinema in your room, don’t you think it will be more fun to enjoy the exquisite landscape outside?

This cruise will also spoil you with five freshly prepared meals per day with the perfect blend of Indonesian, European and Japanese cuisine. All kinds of drinks such as water, tea, coffee, and beer are available for you to refresh yourself. 

What will you find in the diving spots? Here you go! Jump into the ocean, you will be greeted with vibrantly colored coral reefs that are home for thousands of species such as manta rays, school of trevally and jacks, reef sharks, wobbegong shark, big pelagics, and many more. It is totally worth the cost you spend, which starts from 4800 USD per person for this Raja Ampat Accommodation.

Regarding the route, the Tambora will depart and return to Sorong. So how to get to Raja Ampat then to Sorong? Well, you can find a flight to Sorong from Jakarta, Makassar, Ambon or Manado. There are many airlines provided to this destination such as Lion Air, Xpress Airlines, Sriwijaya Airlines, Nam Airlines or Garuda Indonesia airlines. However, there are no direct international flights to West Papua, so, you have to change flights from one of the cities mentioned above.

3. Sea Safari VI

Do you want to experience sailing with the legendary phinisi ship? Now you don’t have to watch it on TV only because Sea Safari VI is ready to make your buried dream come true. It feels like going back to the era of the 1700s where merchant ships sailed across the oceans all over the world, but this time, it is in a modern version and intended to accompany you to dive in Raja Ampat.

This Raja Ampat liveaboard is also open to non-divers to join the sailing. This cruise is not specifically served for one purpose only, since there are many others who are interested in traveling around the islands in the eastern end of Indonesia although they cannot or do not have the desire to dive. But if you are a diver, this cruise offers a variety of underwater experiences such as exploring wrecks in the north and world-class muck diving sites in the south.

There are many interesting destinations to visit when you join the Sea Safari VI cruise such as Yanggefo Island, Myhem, Citrus Ridge, Gam Ridge, and Mangroves. Diving in Yanggefo Island, you will be greeted with unique landscapes. In Citrus Ridge, you will find orange soft corals that are home to barracudas, bumphead parrot fish, and sea snakes. Continue to Myhem, you will meet schools of bat fish, surgeon fish, snappers, and Wobbegong. If you want to see Eagle and Mobula rays, Gam Ridge is the perfect spot. If you love photography, you will love the Mangroves. Around 4 pm, the lowering sun will turn the sky into stunning shafts of light and shows you an exquisite scene of the beautiful sunset in the mangrove shallows.

The cost is not too expensive for a six-days luxurious cruise. It starts from 2400 USD per person, and it already includes the international-taste menu which varies every day. 

4. Samamba Raja Ampat Liveaboard

If you want an even more special cruise, then MV Samamba is the answer. The trip offered is tailored to create a wonderful experience for every guest. Not simply follow the pre-made schedule, the itinerary is made as the ships cruise along and based on the weather conditions, dive conditions, and requests of guests. The ship makes sure that the cruise is away from other liveaboards to avoid crowded destinations spots. Isn’t it special?

In this trip, you will be provided with three-day dives of 1-hour duration minimum. Aside of diving, there are also a lot of surface activities that are no less adventurous such as trekking to amazing viewpoints, scenic rides through lagoons and coves, playing around in secluded beaches, visit the traditional villages, whale watching, and water sports action.

With the abundant activities, there will be a potential itinerary for 11 nights / 12 days cruise depart from and return to Sorong. However, it might be changed due to weather and other conditions. Aside from the popular sites commonly visited in Raja Ampat, MV Samamba also has secret spots you don’t want to miss. 

Sailing with Samamba is suitable for those of you who prefer to focus on one area and explore it in greater depth with a long duration (doesn’t have to hurry to move to another destination). The price per person for taking 12 days 11 nights trip is 4972 USD which include exceptional facilities. Since it only caters to 14 guests, you will experience a private trip and enjoy the adventure completely. The cabins are decorated beautifully in the lower deck, while the master cabin on the main deck has wonderful sea views. Each cabin is completed with private en-suite bathroom, under bed storage, wardrobes, and individually controlled AC. Every bit of details is for your comfort.

So, what are you waiting for? We have explained How to get to Raja Ampat, and the liveaboard choice has also been curated well. Go on and plan your trip to the gems of the equator.

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