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Flyfishing in Raja Ampat, Enjoy Fishing in a Pristine Clear Waters

Raja Ampat is famous for its stunning pristine environment. Its location in the heart of the coral triangle makes this archipelago rich of marine life. Therefore, many water activities such as diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and flyfishing in Raja Ampat is something you shouldn’t be missed. This national park covers around 50,000 square kilometers comprising of four main islands: Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati, and Misool, and also thousands of smaller islands. Many of these islands are uninhabited, making this remote area remains in its pristine and condition. Moreover, many resorts and travel package in this area run an environment-friendly business. That is why you will find a lot of biodiversity resort and eco-resort here.

Raja Ampat boasts an outstanding variety of marine flora and fauna. Thus it is not exaggerating to say that Raja Ampat is a dream destination for divers all over the world. There are a lot of diving experiences available in this area, from pelagic drift dives to magical muck sites, and even wreck diving. Some dive experiences unique to Raja Ampat are also available such as the clear water in mangrove forests with brightly-colored coral gardens growing right next to them. This area has hundreds of potential dive sites with many of them are yet to be explored.

If you’re not a diver, there are many ways to enjoy Raja Ampat to the fullest. The islands are perfect for hiking. The lush forests around the islands full of exotic animals certainly create an amazing experience. Many of the birds live here are endemic to Raja Ampat. A lot of shallow waters are explorable by snorkeling. And if you like fishing, flyfishing in Raja Ampat is another great way to enjoy Raja Ampat.

What is flyfishing?

Flyfishing is a method of fishing that uses an artificial “fly” to catch the fish. The lure in this method of fishing is nearly weightless and it resembles natural invertebrates. This way, it will provoke the fish to bite at the lure. If you haven’t try flyfishing yet, these reasons will make you want to do it.

1. You need to use your brain

Flyfishing is not like the usual fishing using a spinner rod. You need to have a lot of knowledge about the river, bug hatches, and the fish patterns so that you can select the right fly that will attract the fish. You have to make sure your fly looks perfect just like the natural bugs. If there is anything ‘fishy’ about your lure, it is likely that the fish will be spooked and move away instead.

2. The view from the middle of the ocean is breathtaking

You can flyfish on a drift boat that will take you to an amazing place in Raja Ampat. Fishing from the middle of the ocean is certainly a fun thing to do. You will get to see the scenic beauty of Raja Ampat. The green lush forest on the background, blue sky above, and the clear water below is the perfect scenery that will make anybody forget every problem they have at hand.

3. Challenging

If you love challenges, this activity is perfect for you. This method of fishing is not easy and it is unlikely that you will nail it on your first try. Flyfishing needs practice and it takes time until you get the feel of the rod and the line, swinging line perfectly, and so on. You need to study the waters and know where the fish are to be successfully catching a fish. It is challenging and a little bit frustrating sometimes, but once you able to catch a fish, it feels really awesome!

4. It’s fun!

Flyfishing is a fun experience. It is exciting, frustrating, satisfying, and also can be rewarding. Whether it is done in a group or alone, you will get that fun feeling of calmness and solitude in an unpopulated area. And when you feel the fish bite your lure, you will get that indescribable satisfying feeling that will make you hooked to this activity.

Flyfishing in Raja Ampat

If you want to experience a world class saltwater flyfishing in Asia, Raja Ampat is the right place for you. As this place is rich of marine animals, there are many species you can catch by flyfishing in Raja Ampat. There are bonefish, permit, triggerfish and giant trevally you can try catching. There are also snapper, grouper, jobfish and other mean dwellers of the coral fish. Or you might also want to chase the huge and fast pelagics like tuna, Spanish mackerel, wahoo, and billfish. Raja Ampat has it all and even more.

Although it does sound amazing, don’t just go fishing alone in Raja Ampat. Some of the areas are protected and you can’t just go fishing at any place you like. Make sure you get adequate information first on where you can try fishing and how you get there. This way, you will not get in trouble for fishing in the place that is not supposed to be.

If you want to avoid unnecessary hassles for renting a boat and finding a place to try flyfishing in Raja Ampat, you can just rent fishing charters. They will not only provide you with a wonderful fishing experience in the wild but also makes you comfortable with the modern facilities provided.

Fishing charters will not only take you to the best place to fish but also provide you with excellent services while you’re onboard. The mother boat used usually facilitated with bedrooms with air conditioner, dining room, refrigerator and freezer, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and a sun deck. There are also meals available during your fishing trips which will keep you full, comfortable and relax.

If you feel like you want to try other activities aside from diving, try flyfishing in Raja Ampat. It is a great activity while enjoying the view of Raja Ampat from the middle of the ocean.

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