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How to get to Raja Ampat from Jakarta

Planning a trip? Need to see some beautiful places in the world?

Well, the journey would be incomplete without a visit to the Raja Ampat Islands. The word island must make you wonder how to get to Raja Ampat. Do not worry, the island has the Raja Ampat Airport so it will not be as difficult as you must have imagined. Let’s see what is Raja Ampat and how to get there.

Raja Ampat or the four kings Islands comprise of 1500 small islands, cays and shoals. This scenic beauty is found in Indonesia’s West Papua Province. This beauty is a real attraction to the travelers and is a sight for the sore eyes. However, the important question is how to get to Raja Ampat. You wish to know how to get to Raja Ampat from Jakarta, you need a proper plan. Lay it out in a proper way where you can travel efficiently and enjoy your trip without the stress of the travel getting to you. This is an essential part of the travel and following is the way to plan the trip in a way that makes it the best one to go ahead.

The Travel Route

There is a general route that needs to be followed which answers the question of how to get to Raja Ampat from Jakarta. This route can be summed up into two possible routes which can be followed to get to the Lonely Island.

  1. Flying to Sorong
  2. Flying to Wasai in Raja Ampat

Follow this outline and life can get a bit easier for you to get to this exotic place!

Flying to Sorong

This is an essential step when you are seeking an answer on how to get to Raja Ampat. This requires you to follow the following steps to get to this hidden heaven in Indonesia:  

  1. Getting to Sorong
  2. Sorong Airport to harbor transfers
  3. Sorong to Raja Ampat Islands

This is the initial stage of your travel. To travel from Jakarta to Sorong. Here the problem is that you will not find any direct flights from Jakarta to Sorong. You will probably be landing somewhere else in Indonesia before heading towards your final destination. Do not confuse yourself about the direct flights, none are available to travel directly from Jakarta to Sorong. Hence, you need to get hold of a couple of domestic flights to get there. The most popular airlines for this route from Jakarta to Sorong include; Garuda, Xpress, Sriwijaya (Nam Air), and Batik Air. These airlines make your travel through this route a lot easier and a pleasant one indeed.

Next up on the list to get to Raja Ampat Isalnds is to get from Sorong to the harbors. The options here to get from the airport to the ferry harbor are many indeed. Ranging from taxi rides to lifts on the back of a motorbike to the yellow public minibuses. All these available at their own prices and it is up to you to set your range of expenditure.

Now, for the final travel for reaching the Raja Ampat Islands there ways to go on through public ferries, speedboats or by air. Most of these travel routes bring up the other route defined for travel when you look for how to get to Raja Ampat Islands. This is to travel to Wasai in Raja Ampat.

Flying to Wasai in Raja Ampat

As the heading suggests, it includes getting a flight from Sorong to Wasai’s Marinda Airport. Wasai is on the island of Waigeo and is the capital of the Raja Ampat regency. Hence, being an important place of the islands it is a center of activity. Also, all the accommodation options on the website provide you a pickup from Wasai to your place of stay.

However, here you are limited in your traveling by air. There is only one flight available to get into Marinda. Lion Air Subsidiary Air flies daily from the above-mentioned route to get you to the Raja Ampat Airport. Here, a thing must be noted that a facility to get picked up from the harbor at Wasai is provided by Homestays. To avail this book through the website and request a Wasai pickup while doing so. Thus, all you will have to manage is a taxi ride to get you to the harbor from the airport for your booked pickup.

Still, air is not the only way to Wasai. The alternatives are still there to reach this Indonesian heaven. There are public ferries which help you get to Wasai from Sorong. There are three companies in Sorong for these ferries which operate in this route. You are highly facilitated in your travel through these ferries as tickets are not only available at the ticket offices, but you can get them from agents around the area and can even purchase them onboard if you could not get one beforehand.

In addition to these public ferries there is the facility of express ferries. These are found at the end of the L-shaped pier of the Sorong harbor. These ferries are mostly found alongside the other ship towards the end of the dock. You might have to cross the ship’s deck to get to these ferries in most cases.

Still, if you believe this route of travel is a bit time consuming for you, there is always the option of speedboats to take. Not only are they fast and get the travel done quickly, they also get you directly to your accommodation in Wasai without opting for the pickup facilities at the Wasai harbor. And with that travel route you will have successfully reached the Raja Ampat Islands, a Lonely Island which is nothing less than a heaven on Earth for you to visit.

The last thing to keep in mind is to know that no public transports are available to travel within the island, but you can get pickups arranged from the places you are staying at!

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