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Philipine Diving versus Raja Ampat Diving, Which One is the Most Suitable for You?

Diving has become a lifestyle many travelers do. When in the past people seemed satisfied enough enjoying the beauty of nature from the land, but now people find out that exploring the underwater beauty is something even more challenging. Some places in this world have an impressive variety of marine biota which makes anyone can’t stop admiring. Aside from Raja Ampat which is located in Indonesia, another place that is considered as one of the best diving spots in the world is Philippine. Both of these two locations will make you underwater moment different from any other places. But if you have to choose between Philipine Diving versus Raja Ampat diving, which one is your favorite?

Raja Ampat Islands

This spot is one of the pride of Indonesia. Its varied and pristine beauty, as well as the biodiversity, is protected. One of the many things that make this location special is the abundant population of sharks in some spots. Don’t be scared of these animals since the shark species here are tame and friendly. They can grow to a very huge size, but they are used to meet the divers. There are also many cool animals underwater such as dolphins, manta rays, and many more. Don’t get panicked or show any bad gestures when you’re close to them, and you will be safe enjoying your moment with these underwater creatures.

Another thing that makes Raja Ampat famous is the highly varied coral species. 75 percent of the world’s corals can be found here, with varied colors, shapes, and uniqueness. These corals are what make the Raja Ampat Islands underwater lives stunningly colorful. The healthy corals not only decorate the underwater making it looks wonderful, but it also homes for marine organisms while preserving the natural conditions of the sea.

Exploring Raja Ampat

However, it is not easy to explore this area. There are so many islands in Raja Ampat with each has their own potential. You will need a lot of time and money to explore every inch of its beauty optimally. But if you’re planning to visit Raja Ampat, there are some interesting diving spots you can try, such as Magic Mountain, Cross Wreck, Cape Kri, Dampier Strait, and many more. They all offer magical scenery that will leave you breathless.

There are many dive resorts in Raja Ampat that provide a full diving package. Not only a place to stay, they also offer an easier diving experience for you. You can find many kinds of dive resorts with varied costs. If you book online, you can get the cheapest room at IDR 600 thousands. However, there are also dive resorts that cost more than IDR 6 million. Of course, the price may change with the changing policy and conditions when you’re booking the room. Some of the famous resorts are Waiwo Dive Resort, Gurara Dive Resort, Papua Paradise Eco Resort, Misool Eco Resort, and many more.

Philipine Diving

The Philippine is an archipelago country with more than seven thousand islands. The Philippine ocean also well-known throughout the world because of the many unique sides such as the deepest trough in the world called Marjana and Mindanao. This sea cliff can be frightening and dangerous for anybody near it.

Aside from the frightening stories about these troughs, Philippine has many spectacular diving spots in its every side. There are many locations you can visit to enjoy the beauty of the Philippine ocean. Some attention-grabbing spots and become favorites among tourists are Boracay, Puerto Galera, and Palawan.

The Beauty of Philipine Diving

Many divers coming to Philippine are usually wall dive enthusiasts because of its many tall underwater cliffs. Boracay and Puerto Galera have underwater cliff with almost 30 meters in height. But if you are a beginner diver, you can start in Boracay which has calmer nature to dive. This spot has a very clear water and fantastic beach scenery. Meanwhile, Puerto Galera has more amazing underwater scenery. However, it has a stronger current. Only expert divers are allowed to dive here.

Other unique experience when diving in Philippine is the shipwrecks that look hauntingly amazing with the sunlight. You can get this experience in Palawan which holds the shipwreck of Morazan Maru in 25 meters under the sea. This historical object is from the World War II. But you have to be careful here since there are many sea snakes species around and can be dangerous to divers.

In terms of pricing, diving in Philippine costs relatively affordable. Every diving spot includes Scuba Diving Philipine Price you can choose according to your budget and preference. Currently, the cheapest price is about $40. But it is usually the price for an eight-year-old child.

An adult can enjoy a cheap scuba diving package in Boracay for about $55. But if you want to enjoy a more challenging experience, there is a $100 package in Lapu-lapu City. However, some package also offers couple days package which costs around $400.

Philipine Diving versus Raja Ampat Diving

It is not easy to compare Philipine Diving versus Raja Ampat Diving. Both locations have fantastic potential as the best diving spots. The clean and pristine ocean is the pride of both of these spots. However, in terms of the scenery, both are clearly different. Raja Ampat has richer coral scenery than the Philippine. This is, of course, will give you a different experience as well.

However, different from Raja Ampat, Philippine has more varied diving spots. The sea cliff, white sands, and historical underwater sites make Philippine the best underwater classical scenery. Moreover, you can get a diving experience in Philippine at a cheaper price than Raja Ampat. How about you? Philipine diving versus Raja Ampat diving, which one you will choose?

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