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Raja Ampat Cruise, A Great Way to Find the Best Diving Spots

Raja Ampat is well-known for its underwater and surface breathtaking beauty. No wonder that this exotic place is often called as a gem from eastern Indonesia or even a hidden paradise. For divers, this place is the perfect place to enjoy the natural underwater beauty. The well-known beauty of corals and its various inhabitants will welcome you here. One way to get to the best diving spots here is by joining the Raja Ampat Cruise.

Some Raja Ampat liveaboard also provides a diving cruise. This means that they will take you to explore Raja Ampat for a couple days and visit the best spot for diving. You don’t have to go back and forth to your resort or hotel because you can just stay on the ship and relax.

You can visit Raja Ampat islands anytime since the weather and water conditions are generally good all year round. However, you should always plan ahead since Raja Ampat also has a windy season. By joining the cruise, you will be advised when and where to visit during your adventure in Raja Ampat.

There is some Raja Ampat diving cruise you can try to explore the amazing underwater landscape here:

1. Seatrek Sailing Adventure

Raja Ampat is located right in the heart of the Coral Triangle which makes it a globally significant biodiversity hotspot. No wonder you will find a wealth of marine life, wildlife, and exotic bird life. The best way to explore this extensive and amazing area is by cruising.

Seatrek Sailing Adventure offers you some cruise course to choose from. It is ranging from USD 5000 to USD 7000 depends on which cruise package you choose and it takes 10-12 days trip on average. For snorkeling or diving cruise with Seatrek Sailing Adventure, you can choose the Papua’s Whale Sharks & Birds of Paradise package. In this package, this Raja Ampat sailing will take you to a ten-day cruise following the footsteps of Alfred Russel Wallace.

In this package will be packed with culture and snorkeling activities you can enjoy. While snorkeling, the brightly-colored corals and a variety of marine animals will welcome you underwater. There’s a chance that you may see whale sharks and manta rays in their natural habitat. Meanwhile, various tropical birds will welcome you around the island with their pretty color and beautiful chirps. Combined with the sea breezes, this is definitely the ambiance you should never miss!

If you want a more adventurous trip, try the Raja Ampat Action and Adventure Package. Aside from snorkeling, this package offers another fun and challenging activities such as trekking through the jungles, exploring caves, lagoons, and waterfalls. This package is definitely for you who love adventure and challenge.

2. Alila Purnama

Alila Purnama also offers a cruise for you to enjoy diving around Raja Ampat. There are 16 crews on board including a private chef, a cruise director, a spa therapist and a dive guide that will make sure you enjoy the journey. It is a Phinisi luxury vessel with comfortable and luxurious suites for the guests. The rooms are furnished with a queen-size bed, double wardrobes, a writing desk, and en-suite bathroom.

If you want to relax inside this Raja Ampat cruise, you can sit around while sipping a beverage in the large bar and lounge area which leads to the indoor dining room. You can also enjoy reading in the fully equipped library that his vessel has.

You may also want to enjoy the sun outside. There is an ample deck space for sunbathing and reclining on oversized daybeds. And if you want to enjoy a nice comfortable massage, there is a spa therapist ready at all times for you.

For diving activities, this vessel also provides diving gears for you complete with a fully licensed PADI dive center onboard. If you feel like trying other watersports, there are kayaks, fishing gears, water-skiing and tow-toys free of charge for the guests.

3. The Seven Seas Indonesia

With the growing popularity of Raja Ampat, more and more divers and tourists come to visit Raja Ampat. Therefore, several resorts are built in Raja Ampat Islands to accommodate these visitors. With its huge size and large distances between the most popular sites in Raja Ampat, it will be difficult to explore it yourself. That is why the Raja Ampat liveaboard like The Seven Seas Indonesia gains its popularity.

With the Seven Seas Indonesia cruise, you will receive various activities that will never leave you bored. Aside from fiving, there are also snorkeling, cave exploring, kayaking, sunset viewing and many more. This cruise also offers village visits that will make you in awe. Various kinds of colorful birds will welcome you along the way with their friendly chirps.

The cost includes onboard accommodation, all diving, beach visits, meals and snacks, coffee, tea and drinking water. Diving services from qualified dive master are also available along with full dive tanks, weights and weight belts at no additional charge. However, you can rent dive and snorkeling gear and wetsuits if you need it.

4. Emperor Indonesia

This cruise is perfect for those who are and advanced divers since it requires that you have 30 logged dives to join this trip. Some diving points are below 18 meters, that is why advance experience is important here. Some currents are really gently, but some others are extremely strong. The Cruise Director might ask you to skip the dives that are not suitable with your diving experience.

The 7 and 8-night cruises with Emperor Indonesia will cover Central and Northern Sections of Raja Ampat. The dives in this cruise include Gam, Penemu, Arborek, Cape Kri Area, Wayag, Kawe and Aljui Bay. There are also the 9 to 12-night cruises that will also cover additional section in Southern Area such as Daram Area, Wayilbatan Area, Fiabacet Area and Pele Area.

With that many dives you will visit when cruising with Emperor Indonesia, you will be guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience and satisfy your wish you explore the underwater paradise of Raja Ampat Island.

5. Wallacea Dive Cruise

The best way to experience the pristine waters and green landscapes of Raja Ampat is by Raja Ampat Cruise. What else is better and more amazing than discovering a new environment and experience after wake up? Wallacea Dive Cruise is one of the liveaboards you can try while exploring this hidden paradise.

The 12 days/11 nights cruise offers you a great selection of the best dive sites of all area in Raja Ampat. You will discover at least 33 dive spots with Raja Ampat Ultimate cruise. This trip package is perfect for you who enjoy diving and want to explore as many places as possible in Raja Ampat. Wallacea Dive Cruise also offer a shorter cruise from 7 to 10 nights. Although it may shorter, you will still get the best diving spots and excellent services.

If you are an underwater photographer, Raja Ampat Cruise is really effective to get the best picture. You can visit the best place with diverse and unique dive spots each dive in Raja Ampat. So, what are you waiting for?

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