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Raja Ampat Dive Guide Homestay, a Cheaper Way to Explore in Raja Ampat

Constantly exposed to view-blocking skyscrapers, dense concrete jungles, hectic lifestyle, congested traffics and annoying noises will make everyone stressed out. You might want a getaway where you will not meet such nuisances. If so, Raja Ampat is the perfect place for you. However, due to its remote location, getting to this place may be a bit expensive. Raja Ampat Dive Guide Homestay can be an alternative for cheaper accommodation and diving package.

Raja Ampat is an Islands-regency located in West-Papua Province. It consists of four main islands of Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati, and Misool, also over 1,500 small islands and shoals surrounding it. Raja Ampat is a dream place for divers due to its magnificent underwater scenery. Located in Coral Triangle, this archipelago is blessed with rich biodiversity. The 9.8 million acres of land and sea are home to 540 types of corals, more than 1,000 types of coral fish and 700 types of mollusks. Now, who don’t want to see this wonderful beauty?

One day wouldn’t be enough to explore Raja Ampat, therefore you should stay at least a couple of days and visit the best diving and snorkeling site of Raja Ampat. There are many Raja Ampat dive resorts you can find here. Not only providing a place to stay, this kind of resorts also provide diving package too. However, it cost a lot of money. If you’re traveling on budget, there is Raja Ampat homestay diving that offers a more affordable price. Here are some of the best Raja Ampat homestay you can choose from.

1. Yenkoranu Homestay

Yenkoranu probably is the most frequently mentioned homestay in Raja Ampat. This homestay is located on Kri Island, a place close to the famous diving spot, Cape Kri. This is the biggest and busiest homestay in Raja Ampat due to its strategic place and great facilities. Therefore, it is important for you to book a room in advance.

There are several types of accommodation choices, standard and private rooms with ensuite private bathrooms with showers and western style pedestal toilets. The bedroom is facilitated with covers, pillows, bolsters, mosquito nets and bath towels to ensure your comfort during your stay in Raja Ampat.

Mealtime is one of the best moments here at Yenkoranu Homestay. The dining room is built over water which gives you a pleasant tropical feeling. There are also cold drinks for the guests to keep them feeling refreshed. Drinking water, tea, and coffee are always available for free for the guests.

The nearest village to this homestay is Yenbuba in Mansuar Island which takes 10 minutes boat ride. You can purchase your supply basic supply here. But if you need more, you may need to go back to Waisai where you can rent the Yenkoranu boats.

2. Koranu Fyak Bungalows

The next Raja Ampat Dive Guide Homestay is Koranu Fyak Bungalows is the only homestay with an internationally certified dive center. Combined with the rich house reef and the best northern Raja Ampat dive sites, this place is gaining its popularity too. This homestay has six single room private bungalows.

The rooms are equipped with mattress, sheets, mosquito net, and bath towel. Therefore you don’t have to worry about an uncomfortable place to stay. Similar to Yenkoranu homestay, the dining shelter here is built over the water. The large tables with beach seating are facing the stunning view of the strait to Gam and Waigeo.

What makes this place even more amazing is its SSI certified dive sites. There are dive courses you can take with an SSI certified instructor. You can also get a guided dive at the best Dampier Strait dive sites. Not only is an amazing place to stay for guests, this place also offered to help you realize your hobby of scuba diving.

3. Daroyen Village

Located just east of the village of Sawinggrai on Gam, Daroyen Village has two VIP bungalows with ensuite bathrooms and five private bungalows that share separate bathroom facilities.

Four of the private bungalows are located on a narrow strip of beach that lies between the Gam jungle and coastal mangroves. A fifth private bungalow and the two VIP ones with ensuite bathrooms are located nearby on land.

Each bungalow room sleeps two (twin or double). The VIP bungalows have raised beds and private bungalows have mattresses on the floor. All have sheets, pillows, bolsters and a mosquito net. An extra bed can usually be organised if you require one. All bungalows have verandahs equipped with hammocks and a table and chairs. VIP bungalow bedrooms have room light switches, power outlets and a fan supplied.

Meals are served in a dining shelter that has sea views, two large tables with bench seating and power outlets for charging devices. Free drinking water, tea and coffee are always available there for guests.

A generator provides electricity between the hours of 6pm and midnight. The phone signal at Daroyen Village is variable and is occasionally good enough to support a data connection. (Walking to the end of the jetty at Sawinggrai will vastly improve this.)

The nearest village for purchasing basic supplies is Sawinggrai. At low tide it’s possible to walk to neighbouring Nudibranch Homestay, and from there along a concrete path to Sawinggrai.

Please do take any inorganic rubbish you create away with you when you leave as there is no non-polluting method of disposal of waste like plastic and dead batteries in Raja Ampat. Leaving such trash on Gam will only contribute to Raja Ampat’s growing rubbish problem.

English is spoken at Daroyen Village.

4. Corepen Homestay

Private beach bungalows, a dive center, great snorkelling from a superb beach, dolphins, lobsters, the occasional dugong, and birds of paradise. Perfect.

Corepen Homestay occupies a great beach in a fabulous southern Gam location.

Eight private bungalows and a two room family beach bungalow are available. Six of the private bungalows are on the beach and over water at high tide. Two private bungalows are available on land at a rate about 11% below that of the beach bungalows.

All rooms sleep two on raised double beds which include sheets, pillows and mosquito nets. Each room is supplied with a pair of chairs and a small table which can be used in the room or to take advantage of verandah ocean views.

Meals are served in a beachside dining shelter and drinking water, tea and coffee are always available there.

Corepen Homestay bathroom and toilet facilities are housed in a three room shelter with a coral rubble floor, Western style toilets and bucket bathing.

Good mobile phone reception is available at Corepen and electricity is provided by generator from sunset to around midnight.

Basic supplies can be purchased in Yenbeser village which is a ten minute boat ride away.

Rubbish disposal is a problem at Corepen, as everywhere else in Raja Ampat. Please do take all inorganic trash like plastic and dead batteries away with you when you leave.

English is spoken at Corepen Homestay.

5. Kordiris Homestay

Kordiris Homestay can accommodate up to 24 people in twelve rooms.

Kordiris has seven over-water private bungalows, and a private and a 4 room bungalow on land. All the private bungalows are a single room with covered verandah at the front. Bedding is mattresses on the floors, equipped with covers, pillows, bolsters and mosquito nets. The 4 room bungalow has hammocks on a shared verandah.

Meals are served in a large dining room built over the water. The dining room has fantastic views and is equipped with a pair of large tables and lots of bench seating. Drinking water, tea and coffee are always available there.

In addition to the main dining area, there are two additional shelters with tables and benches for relaxing or if you’re in the mood for private dining. More opportunities for relaxing are provided by the hammocks strung between trees in the beautiful shady gardens. Bench seating and beachside table settings are also provided.

Bathroom facilities are shared by guests. 4 rooms with western style toilets and four bathrooms with bucket bathing are provided.

Mobile phone reception at Kordiris is good and a generator provides electricity for lighting and charging devices.

The villages of Yenbeser and Friwen are both about 15 minutes’ boat ride away if you need supplies.

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