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Raja Ampat Diving Liveaboard Reviews and Tips before You Jump Onboard and Start Sailing

Exploring Raja Ampat by yourself will be difficult since there are many diving sites here that you’ll don’t want to miss. If you want to explore as many sites as possible, Diving Liveaboard can be the best option for you. But before you jump on the ship, make sure you find Raja Ampat Diving Liveaboard Reviews first since there are many liveaboard services you can choose from. Pick one that suits your taste and needs, and then enjoy the beauty of Raja Ampat to your heart’s content.

You are certainly missing out a lot if you don’t know about Raja Ampat, especially if you’re an avid diver. It might not exaggerate to say that Raja Ampat is a diver paradise. Located in the heart of Coral Triangle, these Islands is an extremely rich environment for diving. Strong and brightly colored coral reefs grow abundantly underwater and become the home for hundreds if not thousands of marine species.

Having too many options sometimes are more confusing rather than helping, especially if you have never been to Raja Ampat before. There are some things you have to pay attention to when looking for Liveaboard services.

1. Route

The first thing you should consider is the route of the liveaboard. You might want to check if their schedule and itinerary include the sites you want to visit. But you also have to know that sometimes the schedule might change too depends on the weather during the sail.

Raja Ampat has a lot of amazing diving sites worth to visit. Try to find out as many information as possible about the diving and snorkeling sites. Therefore, you will know what to expect and choose the right liveaboard for you. Once you know where you want to go, it will be easier to find which Raja Ampat liveaboard snorkeling and diving you want to try.

2. Facilities

You will be onboard on the open sea for a couple of days, so you might want to make sure you will get the facilities you’ll need. If you love sunbathing, you might consider the liveaboard that has great sundecks for relaxing. Also, find out the food throughout the day and most importantly, the cabin where you will rest during the night. You might also want to check whether it has free Wi-Fi or not.

Some liveaboards also provide diving equipment for their guests. So, if diving is part of the reason why you want to visit Raja Ampat, check its availability too. Check whether it is included in the price or if you have to rent it separately.

Luxury liveaboard usually provides a lot more facilities and services for their guests. This kind of liveaboard might include in-cabin TV, large bathrooms, bathtubs, and many more. You just need to consider which facilities you wish to get, and of course, it might come with a higher price too. Find out some Raja Ampat diving liveaboard reviews to make sure that you will get the best facilities worth the price you are paying for.

3. Total Dives per Day

As mentioned above, a liveaboard is a great way to explore Raja Ampat. Many liveaboards offer Raja Ampat diving package for you who wants to enjoy the underwater view. There are various itineraries offered, starting from short, average, and long lengths. In Raja Ampat, the liveaboards generally offer 9 to 12 days cruise.

What you need to know is that longer cruise doesn’t always mean logging the most dives. Most liveaboards usually offer four tanks per day, but it varies for each cruise. You also need to consider your strength, how many dives you can take per day. Although you love diving, you still need a good rest. You don’t want to get too tired and end up too tired to enjoy the rest of the journey.

4. Price

Liveaboards can be quite expensive, especially if you choose those luxury liveaboards. However, see the value you can get with such price and compare whether the price offered is worth with the experience and comfort you will get during your cruise. You might want to check how many dives you will get, whether or not the equipment is included, meals and drinks, or how about the pickup and drop-off services.

You can also try to find Raja Ampat budget liveaboard for a more affordable price. It might come with a smaller ship or sometimes rented equipment with a separated price. There are many budget liveaboard you can choose from. Just find out the information about the facilities you will get and how many dive site you can visit. Once you know all of the information, you can choose the best liveaboards for you.

5. Safety

One other thing that is also as important is the quality and safety of the ship as well as the diving gear they provide. Check whether the diving equipment they have is well maintained. No matter how much the price they offer, whether it is cheap or expensive, always asked about the safety of their gear. Sometimes you can also find this information in Raja Ampat diving liveaboard reviews. You want your cruise and diving trip runs smoothly, aren’t you?

6. Read Raja Ampat Diving Liveaboard Reviews Online

Last but not least, find reviews about the liveaboard you’re going to choose. Nothing beats online reviews from those who have tried the services. You can learn about what to expect of certain liveaboards and might find some useful tips from the previous guests.

With the tips above, now you can plan your vacation and start to find information about Raja Ampat Liveaboards. Choose carefully and make sure the liveaboard you choose met your needs and doesn’t exceed your vacation budget. Since you will be on-board for a couple of days, make sure you bring enough cash with you. Although you might be able to pay in advance by transfer, some additional costs onboard might require you to pay cash.

Now, what are you waiting for? Check the Raja Ampat Diving Liveaboard Reviews, go pack your things and prepare your getaway to the breathtaking underwater paradise of Raja Ampat.

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