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Raja Ampat Diving Resort and Lodge Options for Divers

Raja Ampat Diving is the dream of divers from all over the world because of its underwater natural beauty. This tourist attraction includes 610 islands spread in the eastern sea of Indonesia. Within 8.034,44 km² of area, only 35 islands are inhabited. Some of them are Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo. Diving in Raja Ampat will be an unforgettable experience. If you plan to stay for a long time, you will need to choose the right accommodation to suit your needs. Make sure it is located close to the pier and the dive sites. Despite being far from the busy streets, Raja Ampat has several reliable accommodations as good as other dive sites in other countries:

1. Waiwo Dive Resort

This Raja Ampat Dive Resort is only four kilometers from Waisal ferry terminal with beautiful views of lush trees and overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The friendly staff will welcome you here, with waves from the clean beach and bright sunshine. The rooms are also decorated in Indonesian style with wooden furniture and walls. You don’t need to worry about the food menu because Waiwo Dive Resort serves international menus such as pancake and juice. There is also a bar and coffee shop, and you can even have a barbeque party night if you come in a group. Don’t forget to enjoy the private beach in this dive resort area. There are also some tour services you can choose from to enjoy the beautiful nature of Raja Ampat Islands. The trip is ranging from day trip tour, 3 days tour and many more. It comes with a varied price depends on the route and boat type.

2. Meridian Adventure Marina Club & Dive Resort Waisai

Do you want a touch of luxury? Then the Meridian Adventure Marina Club & Dive Resort Waisai is a perfect choice. It is relatively new with a modern architecture design make this Raja Ampat Accommodation a choice for many diver couples to stay longer. This resort provides comfortable rooms, the delicious and fresh menu for breakfast, lunch and also dinner. For those tired for diving all day, Meridian Adventure Marina Club & Dive Resort Waisai welcomes your return from the ocean with a heaven of comfort. The soft mattress and water flowing from the shower will make you have a quality rest. This resort also provides diving lesson complete with new equipment. Needless to say, Meridian Adventure Marina Club & Dive Resort Waisai is the belle of Raja Ampat Accommodation in Waisai island. When comfort meets beautiful nature, who can resist it?

3. Papua Paradise Eco Resort

Do you want to feel like waking up floating on the sea? Then try to stay at the Papua Paradise Eco Resort located in Birie Island, Raja Ampat. There are 26 bungalows built on the sea, with views that make you never want to leave this place. The sun warmly welcomes you in the morning, accompanied by fresh air mixed with the distinctive aroma of the sea water. You can try snorkeling in the Papua Paradise Eco Resort area, no need to go too far. It is a home to beautifully colored corals that really spoil the eye. In addition, the nearby forest also has several tropical bird species you must have never seen before such as Blythes Hornbills, Palm Cockatoo, Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo, Imperial Pied Fruit Pigeon and many more. Another advantage of staying at Papua Paradise Eco Resort is its easily accessible location and perfect for Raja Ampat diving in any month or season. Prepare yourself to meet the mandarin fish, manta rays, wobbegongs, bamboo and reef sharks and bump into the occasional dugong. The natural potential of Raja Ampat Islands is indeed amazing!

4. Raja4Divers

Moving on to another island, there is Raja4Divers that also offers this unrivaled beauty not far from the location of Raja Ampat Dive Lodge. It is located in Pef, a small island that is a home to more than 1400 species of corals and fishes. There are also many diving spot options, more than 60 options! Even staying here for one month might not enough for you to explore every one of them. There are several room choices that can be tailored to the needs of each guest. However, the bungalow is the favorite one because it has a charming view. It has complete facilities ranging from a luxurious bathroom, WiFi, to adapters for electronic devices you bring. If you don’t feel like diving, you can enjoy the day by sunbathing on the balcony. It is furnished with hammock and bean bags, and if you feel like you miss the ocean, you can just jump down to the ocean below. It is perfect for you who love tranquility and flexibility.

5. Hamueco Raja Ampat Dive Resort

Papua Explorers Dive Resort calls for your adventurous soul! This bungalow really brings a natural atmosphere with completely wooden decorations and architecture, complete with roofs made of coconut leaves just like the houses in Raja Ampat Islands generally. The bungalows are also arranged differently by lining them up so they don’t block each other’s view. For both beginner and professional divers, Hamueco Raja Ampat Dive Resort have internationally certified dive guides and boat drivers and crews who are ready to accompany you to explore the best diving spots in Raja Ampat. There are several choices of activities provided such as day trip to some iconic locations such as Wayag and Penemu, and then diving in manta point, Mike’s point and many more. Raja Ampat waters are so pristine and uncontaminated by neither pollution nor hazardous waste. This is what makes the underwater conditions well preserved. However, because the water is rich in nutrients, it will have low visibility at certain times, around 15 to 20 meters only. The current here also varies from light to strong, depends on the tides at that time. So, let the diving instructor help you choose the right spot according to your ability.

6. Raja Ampat Dive Lodge

If you are looking for a place to stay in Raja Ampat that provides privacy and essence for the real vacation, then Raja Ampat Dive Lodge is the answer. Say goodbye to television and WiFi in the room because this accommodation does not provide those things. Afterall, you will not need those things with a heaven-like view in front of your eyes. The location of is rather hidden which make it has high privacy. It takes 2-hour drive using speedboat from Port of Usaha Mina Sorong, which is a 20-minute drive from Dominik Edward Osok Airport in Sorong. Arriving there, you can enjoy dinner right by the beach, accompanied by the sound of the pounding seawater into the sloping sand. It has spacious rooms, so you can take your kids along. If you want to teach the meaning of courage, adventuring to Raja Ampat Islands is the perfect place. Hopefully, this Raja Ampat diving and accommodation guide can help you plan your trip to this ninth floor paradise. Don’t forget some tips below that you can use to choose the accommodations here:
  • Since Raja Ampat is an archipelago with various distance from one island to another, then bring sufficient or more amount of cash in rupiah (adjusted to your needs). Not all hotels accept debit and credit cards, and most dining and other transactions use cash.
  • Although it has become a world-class tourist destination, Raja Ampat is still much quieter in terms of the number of tourists compared to Bali. So, if you like crowds, you can stay on islands with many resorts and lodgings. But if you prefer privacy, a small island with 1 resort might be the best choice.
Enjoy an unforgettable adventure in Raja Ampat, hopefully, the memories will bring new excitement into your life.

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