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7 Reasons Why You Should Try Raja Ampat Sailing

People should already know by know about Raja Ampat. This archipelago in Eastern Indonesia is well known for its exquisite tropical beauty both on land and underwater. In fact, these islands may even be the dream destination for many people, especially divers. But even if you’re not a diver, guaranteed you will enjoy your time exploring the high and low, shallow and deep of Raja Ampat Islands. You can go and explore Raja Ampat on your own, or maybe try Raja Ampat Sailing for extra experience.

What makes Raja Ampat famous among divers are due to its strategic location. Located in the Coral Triangle with 40,000 square kilometers of marine territory. Under its vast water territory, live hundreds of coral and fish species, making this place arguably a diving paradise with unmatched beauty. With these amazing features, no wonder many people make Raja Ampat as one of their bucket lists.

You can go directly to Raja Ampat and enjoy the scenic beauty and amazing adventure on your own. The resorts in Raja Ampat usually also provides a diving package for you that want to explore some of the most famous diving spots. There are also boats you can rent in case you want to try some islands hopping. Maybe you just want to laze around enjoying the tropical climate and the ocean breeze, there are resorts provide you with the best location exactly for these purposes. But if you want something more memorable, fun, and feels like an adventure, try Raja Ampat Sailing.

What is Raja Ampat Sailing?

Raja Ampat Sailing or often called liveaboard is vessel service that will take you to explore Raja Ampat. It usually explores famous islands and diving spots around Raja Ampat, with various activities, prepared that are ranging from diving, kayaking, hiking, and many others. Therefore, this kind of activities is actually one way to explore Raja Ampat to the fullest.

There are many liveaboard available that provide sailing around Raja Ampat. Many Raja Ampat luxury cruises will provide the best experience for you. Some recommended liveaboards you can try are Seatrek Sailing Adventure, Sea Trek Adventure, and Alila Purnama. If you haven’t been convinced yet to try liveaboards adventure in Raja Ampat, you need to read these reasons carefully.

Reasons Why You Should Try a Liveaboards in Raja Ampat

Going to Raja Ampat on your own and making your own schedule on where you want to go next is certainly fun and challenging. But if you haven’t try sailing, liveaboard in Raja Ampat is a perfect way to start. Here are the reasons why you should try sailing in Raja Ampat.

1. Less time to transit, more time for vacation

When you visit Raja Ampat on your own, staying in the resort you choose, you can get the comfort of creating your own schedule. Maybe you want to dive in some days, but just want to laze around the other days. However, staying on land means you will have more time to transit and journey with several means of transportation to your destination. There is also a possibility that you will get lost too.

With liveaboards, there will be less transit time and more vacation time. The liveaboards have skilled crew and captain who knows the area of Raja Ampat well. This means they will take you to the best and sometimes secret dive spots. If the weather is bad, they can change the direction immediately and take you to other location with better condition. Meanwhile, you can sit back and relax in the lounge while sipping fresh drinks and wait for the vessel to stop at an amazing destination.

2. Free from the struggle of unpacking and packing

More transit times means you have to move around more. Moving around means packing and unpacking every couple days every time you move between locations. If you don’t really like packing, this can be a nightmare. With liveaboards, you can just put your luggage in your cabin as the vessel moving around exploring Raja Ampat. If you are a diver who bring your own diving gear, this type of vacation is perfect for you. There will be less packing-unpacking time, and you can simply focus on enjoying the diving.

3. Dive gear ready to use

With liveaboards, you will free from the hassle of bringing your gear back and forth between a dive shop and your day boat. There are crews that help you assist you while you’re preparing yourself to dive. Additionally, most liveaboards also provide equipment to rent such as nitrox for you that want to dive deeper and longer.

4. Dive until you satisfied

Many divers choose a liveaboard for their vacation. One of the reasons is because they can have more dives per day compared to when you’re diving using land-based operator. Many liveaboards provide four to five dives per day, including a night dive each evening. This means you can dive and explore the underwater region of Raja Ampat until you’re satisfied. The longer time available because of no transit time or quick access to diving gear is what makes you have plenty of time underwater. This is perfect for diving enthusiast.

5. Comfortable surface time

After you’re swimming up from the diving, you can rest all you want on the vessel. You don’t have to wait to return to your resort first to simply rest and relax. In a liveaboard you can enjoy many things during your surface interval. Relax in a sun lounger, take a shower, check your photos on your laptop immediately, or maybe just want to sleep for a while are available immediately after you finish your diving session without having to wait again until you arrive at the resort.

6. More dive sites to visit

With longer time for your vacation and less time for transit or back and forth between the dive sites and resorts, that means you can explore more places in Raja Ampat. You can also access those remote dive sites that usually are not accessible with shore-based operations. Even better, since you’re exploring Raja Ampat by sailing, you will be able to arrive at the best diving sites earlier. Sometimes it is even earlier than the shore-based diving operations.

7. Experience the most of natural occurrences

Another amazing thing you will experience with liveaboard is enjoying the stunning natural occurrence in the middle of the ocean. You will watch sunsets and sunrises every day with an exquisite surrounding environment. This is certainly something you shouldn’t miss.

Raja Ampat Sailing is one of the best ways to explore Raja Ampat. Not only you will be served the best food and beverages, but the crew will also take care of you well. Meanwhile

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