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Staying in Raja Ampat Biodiversity Resort, the Perfect Place to Experience a Hidden Paradise

Nobody will ever doubt the beauty and wealth of nature in Raja Ampat. The lush forests, colorful corals, and diverse animals are what make Raja Ampat special. This is heaven for those people who enjoy the beauty of nature and want to explore its amazing landscapes.

Raja Ampat Biodiversity Eco Resort is the best way to stay in this hidden paradise. This eco-friendly resort not only caters to your need to stay but also provide a gentler approach to preserve the Earth. A lot of helpful information is provided here so that you can enjoy a wonderful quality of vacations here.

The eco-resort usually also provide many unique experiences for their guests. The activities offered are diving, snorkeling, kayaking, jungle trekking and island hopping. Meanwhile, the colorful and delicious meals are also ready for you to enjoy after your trip exploring Raja Ampat.

There are some Eco-Resorts you can visit during your stay in Raja Ampat. Below are some of the recommended places:

Papua Paradise Eco Resort

Papua Paradise Eco Resort is the perfect place for you to enjoy Raja Ampat. It is located in Birie Island along the pristine shoreline. What makes it even better is that the island is uninhabited except for the exotic bird life and spectacular array of fauna. With the lush jungle around, it is guaranteed that you will feel calm and relax.

Not only located in an amazing place, Papua Paradice Eco Resort is also surrounded by world-class diving. From here, you can visit the nearby diving spot and meet the manta rays, sharks, dugong, and schools of fish. Going back from diving, enjoy the ocean sunset view from your private balcony in this resort.

Even if you’re not a diver, you can still enjoy your time here. The jungle path here is perfect to explore. You will see the peninsula surrounded by wilderness and towering trees. With the chirping of tropical birds accompanied by the sea breezes, nothing feels more enjoyable than exploring a tropical island.

Although built in traditional style, this Raja Ampat Biodiversity Resort offers a high standard of comfort and service for its guests. You can even enjoy a luxurious spa here. What else more fulfilling than a spa in a hidden paradise after a long day of diving?

Papua Paradice Eco Resort also has a restaurant that overlooks the pristine house reef. This restaurant serves a variety of amazing Europe and Indonesian cuisine with the highest quality of food.

2. Sorido Bay Resort

Kri Island also offers a nice resort called Sorido Bay Resort. They have 7 private bungalows that will give you privacy. This resort also located near the richest reef and is the Raja Ampat’s dive hot spots. Located in the lush green jungle overlooking a lagoon, this resort offers an exquisite landscape that will make you amazed.

The island has a wide variety of plant and wildlife you’ll find in no other place. You may found wild orchids, monitor lizards, Cuscus, sugar glider, and many more. Explore the island to meet these amazing animals. Reading books or just wind down on the sundecks may be a nice activity too. Surrounded by the natural sounds will definitely refresh your mind and soul.

If you want to jump into the water and dive, just go to the world’s most famous dive site, Cape Kri that is just meters away from the resort. Cape Kri recorded in the world record of 374 different species of reef fish during 1 dive. You can imagine how rich in marine life this place is. If you are a diver, Raja Ampat is the perfect place to visit.

3. Kri Eco Resort

Kri Eco Resort is a perfect place for nature lovers. This place is perfect for you to meet various tropical birds such as Eclectic Parrots, Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, Hornbills, Great Billed Parrots, Brush Turkeys, Lorikeets, Kingfishers, and many more.

This Raja Ampat Biodiversity resort is the first dive center in Raja Ampat. Located in pristine nature with tropical beauty, this resort has become favorites for many tourists.

This resort has 3 guided boat dives, so you don’t have to worry about your diving plan. Located near the hotspot for diving, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of underwater beauty as much as you want. Even if you don’t have any plan to dive, this resort also offers other activities such as a full day excursion.

This meals and drinks are served in the restaurant located over-water. Your meal will be accompanied by a refreshing sea breeze and the sound of the ocean. Complimentary tea and coffee are always available. Each meal is prepared fresh to let you enjoy the most of your meal in this paradise.

4. Misool Eco Resort

Another famous resort worth to visit is Misool Eco Resort. This is a private resort located in an uninhabited island right in the center of marine biodiversity. It is located in the remote southern Raja Ampat, making this resort as the perfect getaway for you that want to escape the busy and noisy urban life.

Not only serves as a resort, Misool Eco Resort is also an exclusive dive resort and conservation center. The island and the scuba diving sites are surrounded by 1220 square kilometers of Marine Protected Area. Diving here, you will be welcomed by varied species of marine life and some of them are even protected by Misool Eco Resort. This resort even helps to create the Manta Sanctuary.

This resort is located 165 km from the nearest port and 20 km from the nearest village. The maximum capacity is 40 guests, which means you will have the quiet and calm place you need in this resort.

This place offers babysitting service in case you bring along your child to Raja Ampat. In case you don’t bring your diving equipment, this resort also rents diving equipment. If you feel tired after diving the whole day, you can get a massage and beauty treatments too. Or if you don’t feel like diving, this Raja Ampat Biodiversity Resort also offers land excursions for you.

Now you know some selection of Raja Ampat Biodiversity Resort. You can choose one that really suite your needs. Pack your things and get ready to visit Raja Ampat Island.

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