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Exploring the Beauty of Papua through Wai Eco Resort Raja Ampat

The beauty of heaven seems to be reflected through Raja Ampat. Beautiful nature, ecosystem balance, and charming underwater panoramas will make anyone feel at home spending time. But the problem is, the Raja Ampat Islands area is really spacious so that most tourists don’t have enough time to explore. And for those of you who don’t have enough time to take a vacation, just visit the resorts there, one of them is the Raja Ampat Wai Eco Resort.

About the Wai Eco Resort Raja Ampat

This resort is located on the beautiful island of Wai. Built with the feel of a Papuan style, the artistic building is guaranteed to make anyone feel at home. Its location is surrounded by healthy sea coral and white sandy beaches that provide panoramic views like in heaven. Of course, you can also enjoy Raja Ampat diving facilities which are certainly provided by the resort. Plus, you will be able to enjoy a variety of superior facilities like a king and queen.

But to be able to stay in an area of 75 square meters, you really have to fight. The reason is, the resort only provides six cottages for lucky guests. Each cottage has a spacious and well furnished size. Each is designed with a taste of comfortable traditional Papuan houses, complete with wooden walls that will provide ethnicity in every corner. Everything is placed in a strategic location so that guests will be able to enjoy the beautiful beach views exclusively around it.

Even though cottages here are traditional, you don’t have to worry about vital facilities. Ventilation and windows are properly installed and provide fresh air flow throughout the day. Inside are two soft single beds that will make your sleep comfortable. But if you come in a group, it doesn’t matter. There is still enough space to add two more beds in the room. In addition to comfortable sleep, the resort also provides modern bathrooms equipped with hot water facilities.

The decoration of each cottage cannot be underestimated. In addition to wooden and bamboo walls, you will find various marine reef themed furniture in it. Anyway, everything has been designed uniquely so you can feel the sensation of being a true ‘beach child’. But because the theme is traditional, the resort deliberately does not equip their cottages by telephone and TV. Thus, you will feel the feel of back to earth.

Like a traditional house, there is a terrace that you can use as much as you want. The view directly faces the ocean. No need to worry about the heat while there, because there is a shade of wood that will keep you comfortable despite the hot weather. For those of you who want to relax with natural nuances, there are hammocks that you can use at any time. Besides being functional, you can also use this spot to take pictures, either as a memento or just to enrich Instagram feeds.

Wow, it turns out everything you need for fun is in this cottage. Private beach, virgin nature, direct access to the sea, and you can feel the beauty of being in heaven for a while. Do not forget to bring the mosquito net that has been provided by the resort, to protect from malaria mosquitoes that breed there. And if it’s time you want to explore under the sea, immediately arrange time for diving.

Diving at Wai Eco Resort Raja Ampat

Exploring the underwater world around the resort is an interesting thing to do. Beautiful coral houses, lagoons, and various endemic flora and fauna are things you might not be able to get every day. Here there are 1400 species of fish, 600 species of hard coral. Here there are even types of tame sharks that sometimes appear and accompany tourists to enjoy the underwater scenery. The types of sharks that can be found here include carpet sharks (wobbegong) and walking sharks (epaulette). Do not forget also various kinds of mollusks, sea horses, turtles, and various other beautiful fauna in them. One more, you can also meet baracuda and manta rays in this area.

Raja Ampat Islands does have a sea condition that is comfortable for living in aquatic creatures. The temperature is around 28-30 degrees Celsius with a depth of 15-30 meters. Under these conditions, corals and aquatic creatures will get enough sunlight so they can live well. No need to worry about waste, the local government is very strict about environmental preservation, so that various forms of destructive actions will get decisive action. That is the reason why Raja Ampat diving is a very fun thing to do.

At Wai Eco Resort Raja Ampat, you can enjoy diving in package form. Usually, one package will have a week duration, with the opportunity to dive four times a day. The price of the package will depend on the room you ordered. The cheapest, you can get a price of IDR 30.6 million if you book a triple room. If you live in a double room, then the stay and diving package costs IDR 34.6 million. If you choose a single room, it will cost around Rp. 5.6 million in a week.

However, with such prices, you can not only enjoy diving many times a day, but also include diving equipment, dive guide, and stay with complete facilities. Diving distance alone is limited to 10 km from the island area. Will be charged a fuel charge if you do diving beyond range.

For those of you who come just want to enjoy the beach, you can also take a non-diver package which is definitely pegged at a cheaper price. You will get the opportunity to stay for a week at a price of around Rp. 22 million for a double room. As for the triple room, the tariff is around Rp. 19 million. As for single rooms, you will be charged an additional fee of around IDR 2.3 million to IDR 3.5 million for a week.

If you choose a non-diver package, you can still do diving and snorkeling at an additional cost. Each diving package will be charged starting from IDR 600 thousand to IDR 800 thousands per, depending on the number of personnel participating. The more personnel, the cheaper the cost is borne by everyone.

The experience of staying at Wai Eco Resort Raja Ampat will certainly be an unforgettable moment for many tourists. Indescribable beauty will be priceless gifts with money. But of course this place is not the only resort you can visit in Raja Ampat. In addition, you can also try Papua Paradise Eco Resort, Misool Eco Resort, and Cove Eco Resort, which has other parts of the Raja Ampat archipelago. All of these resorts certainly offer different beauty for anyone who visits. Welcome to explore!

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