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Waigeo Raja Ampat Diving, The Best Way to Getaway from Your Stress

Sowing Raja Ampat as heaven is not too much. The reason is, the islands located in the West Papua region do save a lot of charm as beautiful as paradise. Various beauties can be found starting from the breeding sites of endemic animals such as paradise, super beautiful beaches, to enjoying the unforgettable underwater beauty. And if you have never been to Raja Ampat, then the first thing you should try is Waigeo Raja Ampat Diving.

Before discussing how Raja Ampat’s sensation of diving on Waigeo, it would not hurt if you first recognize the area in question. This island is one of the four main islands of Raja Ampat, besides Misool, Salawati, and Batanta. It covers 3155 square kilometers and is the largest island in Raja Ampat. There are many names pinned on this region, between Amberi and Waigeo. In addition, Waigeo clearly has a very important role because it is the location of the capital city of Raja Ampat district, the city of Waisai.

This island is known as one of the most visited islands. To reach Waigeo is not too difficult, even though it must take a long time. Those who come from outside the region generally will first land in Sorong. After landing at Sorong Indonesia airport, also known as Domine Eduard Osok Airport, the next route is Sorong port.

There are lots of transportation you can use to get there, taxis, motorbikes, some people are even willing to walk far enough to get to the port. From the port, look for ships that have a destination to Waigeo. By boat, the travel time is approximately 2-3 hours, and you will land directly at the port of Waisai. From the port, it only takes a 5-minute drive to reach the city center.

Actually, there is a more practical alternative to Waisai, which is using a plane. The city has its own airport named Marinda. But unfortunately, flights here are very limited and only serve the purpose of Sorong commuting. There is only one airline operating, namely Susi Air. Flights are only available twice a week. Thus, boarding a ship remains the right choice, right?

Waigeo Accommodation

Since Waigeo is the center of Raja Ampat Regency, there is no need to worry about accommodation. Hotels, hostels and all types of lodging are there. You can even find ATMs, cafes with wifi, public service offices, hospitals, and others there. As a city center, there is no way Waisai is only in the form of forests and sea, right? The facilities here are complete, but obviously, this is not the right place for adventure seekers. You have to go somewhere else!

Even if you leave Waisai, there’s no need to be afraid of not finding a place to stay. There are many alternatives to choose from. Hotels are scattered, resorts everywhere, houses are ready to accommodate at any time. Some of the well-known places to stay here include Kamar Raja Homestay, Talaip Homestay and various other accommodations that can be obtained at affordable prices. Generally, a place to stay can be obtained with prices starting at IDR 350 a night.

But for those of you who want to experience more than just staying, Waigeo resort Raja Ampat is the best choice. Generally, resorts provide ‘plus-plus’ facilities for their guests to enjoy a variety of vacation packages, from snorkeling, diving, or just tracking. Resorts in Raja Ampat also have an exclusive diving area for customers to enjoy. In addition, the stay facilities provided are also very special. Choose a resort that suits your taste and budget.

One of the well-known resorts here is Raja Ampat Dive Resort. The tariff is quite expensive, which is around IDR 3 million per night. The location is indeed quite remote but will give a peaceful sensation because of its beauty. You will live in a building with a typical Papuan design. Uniquely, this resort provides floating rooms that allow you to directly plunge into the sea to swim or enjoy the underwater scenery. This resort also has cool diving spots that are worth trying. Maybe the level isn’t as good as Misool Eco Resort, but the experience of staying at Raja Ampat Dive Resort will definitely not be forgotten.

Waigeo Raja Ampat Diving, What Makes It Special?

Waigeo is one of the islands with amazing marine life. Try visiting Waiwo Beach and try swimming there. The sea view really makes many divers fall in love. In addition to the beautiful coral reefs that vary, the fish there are also very diverse. If you are lucky, you can also meet sharks that swim freely at a depth of about 30 meters. Some shark species that live here include white tip reef shark and blacktip reef shark.

You don’t need to be afraid of when meeting these animals that are said to be very savage. Sharks in Raja Ampat are very tame and calm. Generally, they just keep quiet so it looks like sleeping. But not infrequently these fish move swiftly in the water as if patrolling and trying to keep the underwater situation. The scene that you witness will be more complete with the presence of colorful fish swimming in groups along the coral reefs.

Besides being a haven for diving lovers, Waigeo waters also have beautiful sea views to be immortalized. Many people take advantage of its beauty for underwater photography. The most interesting objects are marine organisms that vary and consist of many species. You can find nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses, green turtles, giant Napoleon, lionfish, sea dragons, pipefish, and many more. Even small fish often play acrobatic actions that make it worthy of immortality.

After feeling tired playing underwater, you can also watch a variety of spectacular sea views. There are several bays on Waigeo, and always show a stretch of beauty. Try visiting Mayalibit Bay or Kabui Bay to find beautiful and natural scenery. You can even feel the calm with the accompaniment of the chirping of birds who continue to sing cheerfully. Trees that are still dense in virgin forests also make the air around Waigeo fresh and soothing.

You can already imagine how beautiful Waigeo Raja Ampat is diving, right? The experience of watching the underwater panorama there will make it at ease so that it is reluctant to leave Raja Ampat. If you are satisfied with enjoying Waigeo, don’t forget to try Raja Ampat diving in other parts of Raja Ampat! Not only coral and fish, some other locations on this archipelago even keep a historical trail that is packed in a very neat style. Come on, Raja Ampat!

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