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Where to Stay in Raja Ampat? Arrange Your Vacation on Budget!

Tourists come to Raja Ampat Indonesia for one purpose, namely to enjoy the beauty of the paradise of the world. Islands that are located in West Papua region indeed offers a complete package, ranging from underwater scenery that amazes divers, the nuances of the virgin island that brings anyone back to nature, as well as views of the beach that will reconcile anyone’s heart. Not to mention, there are lots of cool adventures that you can enjoy like diving with sharks, to super fun island hopping. But if you visit there, of course, there is one question that must be answered, “Where to stay in Raja Ampat?” Is there a decent and adequate place to stay there? What about the price?

When asked adequately or not, the answer is of course ‘yes’. The government and the people in this region really understand that the environment in which they live is much sought after by tourists. Therefore, various accommodations have been prepared to welcome anyone who wants to explore the natural beauty of Raja Ampat. You just have to choose what kind of place to stay, hostels, inns, people’s homes, and don’t worry, you can also find five-star classmates, Raja Ampat Resort, even private islands to rent. But before you determine the location of the place to stay, it’s a good idea to first recognize the parts of Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat Map

Raja Ampat is a district in West Papua in the form of islands. There are at least 610 islands included in it, and most are uninhabited and have no names. Until now, only about 35 islands are inhabited by residents. He is among the many islands, there are four of the most well-known islands, Misool, Waisai, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo. Waisai itself is the capital of Raja Ampat, which is also the location of Marinda Airport. In addition, there are several other islands that are also interesting to visit, one of which is Pianemo Island which is one of the mainstays in Raja Ampat.

Before visiting Raja Ampat, it is very important for you to know which tourism objects have a special beauty. If your destination to Raja Ampat is to explore the ocean, then there are some of the best diving spots that have been visited by many tourists. Some of them are Dampier Strait, Cross Wreck, Fam Island, Chicken Relief, Cape Kri, Magic Mountain, and Blue Magic. All of them have their own uniqueness that will make you feel at home.

But if you are reluctant to dive and choose to enjoy the beauty of nature, then there are several beaches that are highly recommended. Try entering Waiwo Beach, Cemara Beach, or WTC beach. These places are the most famous tourist locations visited by tourists. But of course that doesn’t mean the other angles aren’t worth exploring, right? So, take your Raja Ampat map and decide where to go!

So, Where to Stay in Raja Ampat?

Speaking of places to stay in Raja Ampat, the discussion will be very broad. Therefore, to be more coherent, let’s start from the most affordable. You don’t need to be afraid of not finding a cheap place to stay in Raja Ampat, because here there are many hostels and homes that are ready to welcome you at any time. If you happen to go to Waigeo, there are some cheap hotels that are very affordable. Only Rp. 500 thousand per night, you will be able to enjoy the feel of staying above the rooms built directly on the water.

Or, if you want to be cheaper, you can rent a place in a hostel that costs around Rp.375 thousand. Many people’s homes are also provided for accommodation with rates starting at Rp. 350 thousand. You can get it at a cheaper or more expensive price depending on facilities and negotiations. Good news for backpackers, right?

If you want to enjoy a more level of vacation, then there are many magnificent hotels that are ready to accommodate you. You can get hotels according to your budget, ranging from one star to five stars. The location is spread throughout the Raja Ampat archipelago. So no need to worry, on any island you are in, there will be hotels that are ready to accommodate. But remember, be smart at choosing a hotel because there are several inns with cheaper prices but the facilities are very impressive.

Then, what about Raja Ampat 5 star hotel? This question is rather difficult to answer. The problem is, finding a truly five-star hotel in Raja Ampat is not easy. The super luxurious place to stay there is very much, but most do not use a five-star label. But calm, if you happen to have a lot of money and want to waste it on Raja Ampat, staying at a resort is the right choice. There are several places that might be suitable, with a variety of prices.

Raja Ampat Dive Resort is one option that can be tried. He is located in Waigeo, and the tariff is around IDR 3 million per night. Besides living in a typical Papuan building, you can also directly plunge in front of the inn to enjoy the underwater beauty. Some resorts not only provide a place to stay but also snorkeling and diving packages. One of them is Waiwo Dive Resort located in Waisai. In addition to the accommodation that combines the feel of the beach with forest harmony, here you can use the facilities of diving, snorkeling, and giving fish on the dock. But of course, there are additional costs that you must bear for that. Prices can be cheaper if you take a snorkeling or diving package that includes a stay.

Of the many resorts, one that is quite famous is Misool Eco Resort, which of course is on Misool Island. ¬ This location is a small island developed as an inn but has its own facilities for diving. The location is quite remote so it provides strict privacy for the tenants. But if you want to go here, it’s best to make a reservation from long days because Misool Eco Resort only limits customers to 40 people. The concept that is carried is luxury ’which appears in each of its parts. In addition to diving facilities that are very private, you can also choose villas built on sea water.

In essence, if you go to Raja Ampat, there’s no need to worry about where you will live. The review above certainly gives an overview of how you will go through your vacation there. Surely, Raja Ampat Indonesia not only provides an unforgettable experience in nature but also gives serious attention to how to stay for its tourists. Hostels, hotels, and resorts that are there have been arranged so that they can be used as a place for a staycation. Where to stay in Raja Ampat? Decide immediately with your style and budget!

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